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i hate...


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slow internet 

it feels like the old dial up tonight

its 11.26 on a friday night

obviously way too many New Zealanders have nothing better to do and have stayed home !

but we just upgraded our plan today to get faster speed :angry:

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Cadbury roses chocolate

They did something major Luke redesign the entire range and put them in cheap wrappers

I just got gifted a box and i feel.like crying

I love chocolate sooooo much but its just not in the budget till i get a job agai 

I havn't brought any for months

Last time i got a box of the new roses 2 years ago just after they had changed they were so bad i spat them out thst were so vile ...and im not that fussy


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Earthwuake and living on pumis 

We feel every little blip here

But that was a 5.4 54km NE of Paraparaumu 57km deep

Woke us up

2nd one from down that way today

Mighty unpleasent 

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8 hours ago, rosiejaneymary said:

Stay safe @Daisey Jeep!  


Nothing else haopened 

I think Borris thought it was just me turning over 

She was sleeping on me and is used to my tossing and turning 

Tibby and then kitten also seem none the worsw for wear, i guess living here Tibby has felt then all his life 

It took us humans a long time to go back to sleep

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Bird poop on the washing

Id rather they just shit on me and get it over with

And while im at it stop shitting on Tibby - i know its on purpose and ive never seen him show the lightest interest in a bird

My nice newish sheets got pooped on after someone had virgila flower for breakfast - which are purple

I just rewashed them and it has stained and worse it now looks like dried blood

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