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I have to dig a hole tomorrow for one of the darling wee kittens who have taken up residence in our waah house

They are half wild but are trying really hard

When i was sick with the vertigo one went missing

I think she got ran over

Its been a few weeks and their isnt much left 

I found her in the long grass out by the street 

I hope she died with a full tummy and was happy that day not one of the days i was so sick i could only feed them once a day

She looks identical to one of her sisters  - they used to sleep curled up together.

Now the twin cuddles up with her brother 

She was the most friendly and brave but the others are trying

I have a cabbage tree and a daisy to plant over her and a dead hedgehog that was also sad

First one we have seen at this house after always having 5 or 6 back in Wellington 

I think because our gates and fences go right to the ground except for one space under the gate Tibby has made at the garage end of the drive

Anyway this little guy was so cute 

Gary was so happy to see him but he was out in the daytime

The kittens were trying to play with him

I put him in the long bushes in the corner of the garden in the shade but he came back out into the sun

He did have some wet cat food but them the next day i found him :(

Anyway these are the kittens 

Saddly Borris is a very bitchy aunty but Tibby has loads of patience 



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Gary just got into bed and could hear water running and thought id left the hose on.

He went outside with a torch 

Seems  we have a broken water pipe under the house

Lucky plumber - there must be a ton of cat shit under there 

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