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yes but I eat them with a knife

some have more paletable skin than others

I like nashi pears the best or du cometichi the ice cream pear which is super juicy and doesn't have gritty flesh

excuse spelling

what's your favorite apple variety ?

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not broccoli like president Obama


I love corn

I could eat it three meals a day

maybe tied with tomatoes

I love tomatoes

I eat them every day

even with a roast dinner

I'm also very fond of parsnip and pumpkin and what we call yams which are not a sweet potato

what's your least favorite vege ?

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It would be nice to think so

have you ever drunk alcohol in the shower ?

you know it's a stinking hot day

and you get home from work all stinky and sweaty and dirty and your hot and thirsty

so you kill two birds with one stone snd take your beer into the shower with you ?

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nz doesn't really do much in the winter Olympics except some skiing and snowboarding

not that I don't live the iceskating

what is your favorite sport at the Olympics?

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I used to be fanatical

a long time and many chocolate bars ago


still the good weather is here and I'm going to get back into some walking

it's very hilly every where in Wellington

I used to always walk to work but it's too far from home these days

could you walk home from work if you had to ?

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I usually walk to work and back home, it's about 600m, 15 minutes. In the mornings, I listen to music, in the afternoons I'm on the phone a lot..
I love walking home from work, in any weather - it clears my mind in a way..

How many job locations did you switch in your working life?

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