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I’m answering out of turn because why not. My best birthday was my 19th birthday.  It was 1976, and I went to my very first Bruce Springsteen concert.  it was actually the day after my birthday,

Port Grimaud, South of France.  August (?) 1983.  We decided to have a week there with another couple before our wedding in September.  Relax, get a bit of a tan etc .  We travelled by coach with Club

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It used to be 12th December, the day before Suzanne's birthday. I usually put them up earlier these days - but not until December.

Does putting a whole chicken or turkey in the oven fill you with horror?

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56 minutes ago, Ann Jones said:

Not a clue and you need to enlighten me @robk1

Do you watch TV every day?

Yes....with sound off and music on.

A Cageñer is a rather strange Spanish tradition, particularly in Catalonia.

They have nativity scenes, in shops, at home etc.and they always have a Cageñer somewhere. The Cageñer is a man ,( usually ,) squatting down, pants round his ankles doing a very life-like poo ,!

Nowadays you can buy all sorts of novelty Cageñer s, based on sporting or political figures.

The build up to Xmas us not complete until prime time TV visits a Cageñer factory and the shops start selling them.

Truly an amazing tradition.

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