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I’m answering out of turn because why not. My best birthday was my 19th birthday.  It was 1976, and I went to my very first Bruce Springsteen concert.  it was actually the day after my birthday,

Port Grimaud, South of France.  August (?) 1983.  We decided to have a week there with another couple before our wedding in September.  Relax, get a bit of a tan etc .  We travelled by coach with Club

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oh i really miss the train

me and Bruce had the best times on the train

a year ago

just going from Waikanae to the shops at Paraparaumu after work

about a 7 or 8 min trip each way


when was the last time you missed your rubbish collection?

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not as much as we should be

the people in the state house are a nice mum and dad with grown up children 

we say hello and wave

he plays old school rock music in his garden and sings along

the old couple across the street are lovelly but they have been unwell and so has Gary so we were keeping our distance so as not to give them bugs the husband is 92 and Mrs Miller just had a heart bypass - they have a bueatiful garden and there house has always been privately owned so doesn't look like ours

next door to her is an Orange house with an old man in, its also not a state house

i once knocked on the door looking for Tibby but no one answered 

he has a younger relative who stays part of the week who waves out - i must go over and say hello when he is home

 behind us is a 4 unit 2 story ex govrrnment house privatly rented with the owner in one unit. their plan has indoor outdoor flow (lucky bastards probably added after the govrrnment sold them). we have a 6ft fence between us but we can see and enjoy their beautiful trees

beside us on the other side is a brick state house, one of 2 remaining from a 4 house arrangment that suffered an arson attack in the '80s the Millers tell us

because 2 houses are missing they have a huge front lawn

our back door looks into their kitchen

i really hate it 

i hate even going outside into our garden

i hate Borris having to hear  their angry scary screaming

its a private rental and i wish they would move out or get evicted. their house is smaller than ours with more people and they slam doors and come and go all hours of the night and day

im so glad we never got around to thinning out the trees on our side of the fence

they have like 5 kids, the mother screams and yells although the domestic violence seems to have abated - maybe that man is in jail and when the current man is home the mother is calmer mostly

they play the worst music

its weird, when we were naughty mum would put us outside but when these kids play up they get sent inside

before i heard their keatle whistle even though we have a descent amount of garden between us plus a 6ft fence and our trees

anywho probably more than anyone needed to know :lol:


have you over explained yourself today ? :lol:

or maybe been over explained to ?

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Yes, many of them (fanatic reader already at a young age) and even the book 'Hurray I am already two years old!'. Which was a present for, indeed, my second birthday (not that I can remember of course).

Are you drunk at this moment with too much wine?

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Nothing, only coffee, coffee and more coffee.

Are you happy it is Monday again and you can go back to work?

(Not sure this is correct English; should it be 'glad it is Monday' or something else?)

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glad or happy is both fine

you know because my Dutch is excellent (not) :lol:

its tuesday already 9.29am

and yes i want to go back to work but i need to find a job first

is there something else you would rather do that what you do now for a job ?


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No. But I was once, long ago, in the building of the Dutch Second Chamber (which is about the same as House of Commons). In their old building, in the 80s. They are now - a few decades already- in another, new building.

Do you still wear your summer coat?

(Or still your coat for winter in the Southern Hempishere)

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