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I’m answering out of turn because why not. My best birthday was my 19th birthday.  It was 1976, and I went to my very first Bruce Springsteen concert.  it was actually the day after my birthday,

Port Grimaud, South of France.  August (?) 1983.  We decided to have a week there with another couple before our wedding in September.  Relax, get a bit of a tan etc .  We travelled by coach with Club

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Probably just steak and chips :lol:

Although maybe grilled lamb chops, peas & corn, chip, egg  and tomatos is right up there 

Would definatly have to include sun ripened tomatoes 

(And peas & corn)

What's your favourite desert ?

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The English patient 

Hang on I'm googerling Mojave :lol:

Oh shit biscuit :lol:

I ment dessert like pudding :lol:

I thought that must have been a really fancy trifle :lol:

Do you think Camilia will be called Queen Camilia when her husband ascends the throne?



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1 hour ago, Eileen said:

Apple pie and custard.

Do you collect things that some others may think odd- and what is it?

When i was a kid i collected rocks - as momentos of places - they were the ultimate cheap souviner for friends to bring me home, i had a tiny piece of the tower of London, a stone from Lords, a rock from the Rockie mountains 

Nor my mother or Gary where any help getting it to me in the North Island :( so i don't have it any more:angry:

I have way too many pieces of Royal family commentator china - im not quite the right age to collect that - lucky Gart just ignores it

Also when i was a kid/teenager i had a nice cacti collection when cacti  and succulants were seriously uncool

My dad and I planted out the glasshouse in rocks and quarry dust like a dry river bed, after i moved to the North island mum couldn't mamage watering it occasionally with the hose  :angry:

Nowdays i have a few Bruce Springsteen bits and pieces :lol:



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1 minute ago, robk1 said:


Currants or raisins ??


Double oops...that is " one or the other "

Make it....Do you prefer currants or raisins ??

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Gag :o





However i do like my hot cross buns to have a few currents, sultanas and mixed peel - and my christmas cake is crassans and sultanas,  but for 2 doz  spiced buns a year and a lick of the xmas cake mixing bowl im still not picking either - even if they are drowning in booze 

Can i have a dried peach or an apricot or at a pinch  crassian instead ? 

Hot cross buns or a tradional fruit Christmas cake ?

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