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I’m answering out of turn because why not. My best birthday was my 19th birthday.  It was 1976, and I went to my very first Bruce Springsteen concert.  it was actually the day after my birthday,

Harvested onions and garlic today, mangetout tomorrow. Too many strawberry.... Do you want some strawberries ? If so come to our village fair on Sunday.

Port Grimaud, South of France.  August (?) 1983.  We decided to have a week there with another couple before our wedding in September.  Relax, get a bit of a tan etc .  We travelled by coach with Club

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I missed all the good questions :lol:

Im not obsessed with the Beatles, i should as Gary his, i like Paul the best

Ill go with Imagine 

Who is your favorite Beatle ?


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8 hours ago, Lampi said:


Did you hoard toilet paper the past weeks?


We brought nornal or even slightly less than normal as i couldnt get any of our usual nice brands - not that im complaining - the shop had more than enough loo paper for everyone and no one was being stupid

I had a count up today and should have just enough to get us tnrough the fortnight without having to break out the 8 month old emergency 4 pack

What do you miss most if you are on lockdown - or if you are not yet (tut tut) what do you think you would miss ?

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Not a good idea when under any kind of stress for me

It will just go in one ear and out the other

What's the last alcoholic drink you enjoyed ?

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3 minutes ago, whispered secret said:

Spending time with friends

have you learnt to use any new technology whilst this is going on?

That's a :( for missing your friends, Ann

The :lol: is for me and technology 

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I suppose Crabbies is alcoholic? It was gluten-free so not sure. White wine if not.

Do you ever try to guess the time before looking at your watch/phone/whatever?

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Do you sometimes feel lazy in these Days of seksfilms?

....In these Days of self-isolatie? (But the Dutch spelling check on my phone suggested 'seksfilms' for 'self-isolatie' (this is really true!)).

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17 minutes ago, Eileen said:

Thanks for that, Dan … now, how often do you juggle? :D

Tried that once. Got bonked on the head. Haven't tried it since.

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