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Don't know - but it was 35 on Monday. I've got an outside clock and had forgotten it had a weather thingy on the reverse until John told me the temperature.

Is it raining where you are today?

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I’m answering out of turn because why not. My best birthday was my 19th birthday.  It was 1976, and I went to my very first Bruce Springsteen concert.  it was actually the day after my birthday,

Port Grimaud, South of France.  August (?) 1983.  We decided to have a week there with another couple before our wedding in September.  Relax, get a bit of a tan etc .  We travelled by coach with Club

I crossed stitched a friend’s wedding invitation.  Blank canvas; a book with instructions on how to create the letters; a friend drew the roses that were on the side of the invitation on graph paper s

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i wanted to be a lighthouse keeper too but they all got automated when i was in high school.

when i first started work (1990) i had very short hair

my dept manager said it was too short

so i got it cut shorter ! 

oh dear now i cant think of a question?


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6 hours ago, Eileen said:

Banana Bread that was more like Mount Vesuvius!

What are you going to do tomorrow? Or today if you're on the other side of the world?

its 4.43 so a wee bit of the day left

it'll be dark soon, the sun is going down and we don't get nuch twilight this far North 

just got the washing in before it got cold

i desperatly need to do my CV because ive seen some jobs i both like the look of and could do well

i need to get the chicken in for tea tonight

Eileen's post above reminded me of making bran muffins at internediate school 

i must have used too much baking powder because they split out all over the oven, unlike Eileen's yummy looking banana bread, the bran muffins were not fit for human consumption- mind you to be fair even if they had worked out i doubt we would have relished 1970's bran muffins (it was 1983 by then but considering at high school we got issued with textbooks called science in the 1960s)

now how can i turn that into a question ?

what horrible culinary nightmaire do you have left over from the 60s and 70s ? - 80s and 90s if your younger ?


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How about the 50s? Kitchen-related. My brother, who's 5 years older, and I were in the house on our own and I decided I was grown up enough to be able to put the kettle on for a cuppa … gas oven and hob.

All went well until I sat back down in the living room to watch TV. After the programme had finished we suddenly remembered the kettle … no whistle on the spout. Went running into the kitchen, kitchen still there - no fire, not sure if Ian remembered that the handle would be hot but he lifted it up … great big hole in the bottom of the kettle!

We went up to bed and, because I was late getting up, mam and dad thought I was worried about the reception I'd get … nah, just lazy.  We didn't get into trouble at all - they even laughed about it and we had to boil water in a pan for a while.

I know, now, that they must have been so relieved that a disaster hadn't occurred … and knew we shouldn't have been left on our own. But that's another story.

Have you had any near-miss situations growing up?

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well i was a bit older

it was after my dad had died

it was the day my friend's hubby had died also of cancer - he was a volunteer firemen

i was making pork Thai meatballs 

i had never cooked with oil before

anyway i saw it smoking and calmly knew it was too hot

i got it off the heat as it burst into flames 

it was very late at night like after 11pm maybe even after midnight ?

mum and my sister were asleep

i forgot all about smothering the flames with a, tea towel (or even the pot lid)  but  calmly took it flaming out to the back porch and sat it on the mat

unbeknown to me in the dark it left a scorch mark on the mat

it was still burning .....

i then took it out to the garden till the flames burnt out - it took ages and the flames were quite high the entire time

oh shit - the next morning the pot was full of tar

i hid it under my bed

the hardwear buyer at work found some stuff to clean it with  but it was kind of poisonous  .... about 6 weeks latter i snuck in back into the pot cupboard

mum never growled (most unusual - possibly for ome of the reasons like Eileen's mum and dad) but she did say she had missed that pot and had wondered what had happened to the door mat

and as far as i know none of us got poisoned from eatting anything cooked in that pot 


how do you boil water nowdays to make a cuppa ?


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about the same 

even including netflex

most days don't put the telly on till well after 5.30 most days to catch the 6pm news 

what's your favorite program on free to air tv that you never miss ?

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MSNBC news here in the U.S.A. (home of the "bunker bitch").  Otherwise, I never watch the regular programming (dramas, sitcoms, reality shows, etc.)

By the way, if you are suffering through commercials, there is no such thing as "free to air tv".  That shit wears you down!  :D


What, if any, are your vacation/holiday plans this year?

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Bruce Springsteen and the E street band

summer down under tour 2017 

Auckland, last night of the tour


have you been abiding by the covid 19 rules where you live ?


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I am covid-19 compliant a.k.a. "protectin' my  precious old ass".  :lol:


If you could go back in time, what would you re-do or change in your life?


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i don't know ....?  as we do learn from our mistakes 

i guess i would not have wasted a year bleeding money still  working and boarding in Wailanae and then coming home on the bus to Gary and Borris at the weekend to our new life and house in Wanganui 

i should have just resigned and started looking for a job straight away while we still had money in the bank 

we would have a warm insulated house by now if i had done that 

what 'mistake' you made worked out for the best anyway for you 

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I moved to Northern Ireland - but Kate was the result but we're home now so all's well that ends well.

Can hurtful remarks still really get to you now and again?


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I've become inured over the years and thankful that the a-hole making the remark tipped her/himself off for what she/he is really like. 

Note to self: avoid that wanker!

What is your dream vehicle?



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Blimey, I was going to say a BMW campervan … I'll have a re-think.

Racing green mini. I've already had one but I'd like a new one. Please and thank you.

Were you on a school team?

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its been hard for zoos to pay the bills without revenues from admissions and the animals have missed the people

do you feel earthquakes where you live ?

im so sick of them 

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