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I heard Thundercrack at the MSG WIESS show. Awesome, as I had been chasing it forever. Zero and Blind Terry, I have never heard at a show (only boots).

Do you have something cool to look foward to in the next month or so?

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Several and luckily I have made some good headway on the short term ones after months of hard work.

The long term one is going to take exterior forces to kick in. But I'm positioning myself as best I can.

You can see one great band from the past (or one you have not see that's still touring) at their peak tomorrow night (or the next time you can carve out a free evening).

Which band and what venue?

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Garry on bass

Killers drummer

Brandon, Southside and Bruce (if they're not singing they can just stand there and look cute)

Miami Horns

John Denver for the falsetto bits

Eric Clapton and Steven

Roy and Danny

Are you interested in the World Cup?

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yes - and it's getting more difficult to find real shorts (single digit inseams)

Have you ever taken something apart and had pieces left when you put it back together?

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Yes. I've also left numbered labels on things (like this computer trolley/desk) that I can't remove without undoing everything.

Have YOU ever left numbered labels on things, thinking they'd be hidden ... but they're not? laugh.gif

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