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i dont like..


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20 hours ago, robk1 said:

Writing Xmas cards for my mother. Each year the list is shorter. The list goes back to 2007, in my Dad's handwriting

I have written them out this afternoon....three crossed off from last year.

I remember helping with that job, something I loved doing as a kid turning into something sad as an adult.

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i just read a host of a tv morning show made fun of Prince George for his school teaching ballet to boys

what a bitch 

what about all the other boys and men who enjoy ballet 

what if this puts a little boy off going to ballet, regardless if he's going to be the next Rudolf Nureyev or not

when Gary was a wee boy fresh off the boat from Birmingham he went to Mt Cook primary school right around the corner from the Royal NZ ballet and the kids went to the dress rehearsals for free

he remembers lots of the music and stories 



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41 minutes ago, Lampi said:

...The neighbour upstairs is making noise with a drilling machine, right now, while I am listening to Bruce!

Sounds like the plot of Driller Killer !

I don't like....video nasties

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