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39 minutes ago, robk1 said:

I watched this on You Tube only yesterday! Not as good as I remembered it, or as good as Bruce can do it


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Watcha Going To Do About It

In 1965, it was the "bee's knees"!  For those of us who were born around 1949, the song represented the epitome of defiance against the powers that be.  I can remember riding in a car with my buddies and, when the song came on the radio, we would all sing along at the top of our voices.


From Wikipedia:

"It's My Life" was visually premiered on the US television show Hullabaloo in autumn 1965, where the group sang live vocals against canned music on a den-type set that featured attractive young women sticking their heads through holes in the wall, where normally animal heads would be mounted.[6][7][8]

In Marsh's view, "It's My Life" was one of a wave of songs in 1965, by artists such as The BeatlesThe Rolling Stones, and Bob Dylan, that ushered in a new role for rock music as a vehicle for common perception and as a force for social consciousness.[9] Writer Craig Werner sees the song as reflecting the desire on the part of both the Animals and their audience to define themselves apart from the community they came from.[10] Writer Dave Thompson includes the song in his book 1000 Songs that Rock Your World, saying simply, "There is no angrier declaration of independence than this."[11]


During the mid-1970s Bruce Springsteen began performing "It's My Life" during his Born to Run tours.[16] It was preceded by the first iteration of Springsteen's spoken narratives – characterized by music writer Robert Hilburn as "painfully intense" – about how he and his father never got along about anything[3][16] (that would later manifest themselves in introductions to Springsteen's own songs "Independence Day" and "The River").[17] The tempo of the song itself was greatly slowed down, to the point where it bore little obvious resemblance to the Animals' original, and renditions could easily run over ten minutes overall in duration;[3]lyrics were varied somewhat across almost every performance. A live version of Springsteen's version was released in early 2015 as part of his 'Archives' series.[

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