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16 minutes ago, Jimmy James said:

I'm waiting for the same thing. We have to have one of those big ass tailgates I've seen here before i joined. Please someone make that happen. 

I'll host, STL can get much more in the center of the nation than that! 

Sounds good to me....I've been to St. Louis for Bruce before!

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16 minutes ago, VABOSSFAN said:

Sounds good to me....I've been to St. Louis for Bruce before!

Yep, Patty C and The Commish are already here, Smilin Scull Ring right down the road. You will need to pick up Andrew on your way. But I think we may have a party already. 

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Two weeks time.

Six nights at the beach at Port Macquarie.

Then come home and go on the annual golf trip with the boys. This year across the ditch to Queenstown NZ to play Arrowtown, Jacks Point and Millbrook.

Not expecting to win the big dance this year. Gearing up for a big tilt at Gold Coast 2020.

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the electrician to come

we have no hot water and nothing in the kitchen

only the kitchen is effected but that includes the plug on the otherside of the wall for Gary's PC

of couse it happened after office hours on a friday night as i cooked tea

i didn't even have lots of appliances going, just the oven and the mircowave (peas & corn)

i can't find any long leads

im making cups of tea, boiling the electric jug in the lounge by unplugging my phone charger (houses of this vintage ever have enough plugs)

Gary is running the longest lead from behind the telly to his PC but that also has to be lent to the mircowave by feeding in from the laundry

where are all those '80s microwave cookery books we threw out when we moved hmmmmmm

the dishwasher is full of dirty dishes 

looks like toasted sandwhiches possibly cooked in the wash house for tea tonight


the thing is the sparky came last night and said the new rcd in the switch box is faulty - the newist piece of electrical work in the house 

fortunately the fridge and freezer we have no idea what line they are on ...maybe the laundry, because they are still working 

and we have been home all day waiting for him to arrive - he said after 9.30 when the wholesaler opens

so we have creamed rice and fruit for lunch ...its like camping but not as enjoyable

i mean i hope nothing has happened to the sparky

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the peaches on the peach tree 

i just got vert brave and thinned them

its just a youngest self sown peach (our new black boy peach has 3 fruit) and i must have had to pick off 20 baby fruits 


i held by breath the entire time

...next the grape vine which is also loaded with teeny tiny bunches

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