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  2. the thing with the 2016 river tour was the written set in no way told the whole story when the tour was anounced i thought the same record every night is getting get pretty borring but boy was i wrong every single night was different the album was revisited a fresh and quite honestly the album just got better and better as the band got tighter and tighter those songs that seemed like froth and fill and fluff on the album now heaved under the weight of their own narrative with the exception of Working on a dream i have always lived Bruce Springsteen albums 25 years latter ! which isnt surprising given my age compaired to his - ive thought i needed the life experiences to fully appreate and love Darkness on the edge of town but now for the first time i really listened and paid attention to all the river record this 2nd river tour was current and relevant for my times that i was living in then the night he said BTR was about his mum and dad - i couldn't sleep the rest of the night the river record was my parents journey as much as my own as my mum was dying slowly of demetia i realized those people on the river record - they wern't just my people they were my parents and their people too quietly plugging away on their own version of the 'American dream', having fun where they could, raising a family, living in a working class neighbourhod i always thought my dad had done a pretty good job at attaining that but now i realized he hadn't. he died too young leaving us all behind and his 'American dream' had vaporized into thin air with him those spoken interludes of Bruce on the river tour shock my sole in a way the book BTR never did - i can't explain why in hindsight its the greatest tour ever the only thing that could have made it greater was if Danny, Clarence and my dad could have been there too
  3. The Whistle Test played a big role in enhancing and increasing his fan base at the time of BITUSA. More importantly it was a Whistle Test all nighter broadcast in early 1985 which had much more of an influence on what was to come. Dancing in the Dark had been released as a single as early as May 1984 and had risen in its first chart run to the lofty position of number 28......On the night of the all nighter a certain Mr Meat Loaf was extolling the virtues of Dancing over some other record in a one v one type of video contest......The Loaf won the day, DITD took off again and reached number 4 in February 1985....some 9 months after it was first released. It seemed to go bat-shit crazy from around that time. Born in The USA entered the UK Album Chart in June 1984 at no 2......It reached No 1 on the 16th February 1985, which ties in with the Whistle Test programmes of late 1984, early 1985 as being very influential. The BBC has always shall we say been 'pro Springsteen....Whispering Bob, Hepworth in the 80's and loads that followed have championed his cause..
  4. What a great idea, Im going to re-title Human Touch as Darkness on the Edge of Town, and I can finally erase that record from history
  5. and nothing performed on the River Tour or subsequent to MSG was nearly as great. Sorry to brag, but I saw the greatest show of all time.
  6. I always felt Clarence was such a big part of the River Album and even though he was not at the top of his game i was thrilled to see the show with the big man....and i wish Danny had been there ...He waited just a little too long to play some of those songs again ..... The boxset was a godsend though .....and im glad a lot of people got to hear all of those songs that had been played too little ....
  7. I usually rename the archive releases I buy and include only the date/location in small print as an information on the sleeve. The titles I give them are often a little crazy . I have a soft spot for 70's bootleg style titles.Not exactly a declaration of contents like "Jake's first Jungleland" More like "Tonight's no dream, Frankie, it's Gothenburg night two".
  8. New covers for 5/7/81, these pictures were fairly low quality. The top one was noisy and blown out (even on the photographers site). The second is from "Follow That Dream" and had some bad moire patterns. Blurring fixed this to an extant, but not too much as to make the image smudged
  9. Since bd will be present she can provide an SLV feed
  10. Interesting purchase wonder how Giroud feekls having signed a contract a week ago. Lots of strikers on the books not just batshuayi and Tammy but all the returning loanees.
  11. That's correct, but he was killed simply for living in his American skin.
  12. The box was never meant to reflect a true live show experience. I mean, the traditional main set closer Rosalita and a common encore piece Raise Your Hand appear about a third of the way in. Again quoting Bruce from the 1986 Glory Days doco, Jersey Girl was meant to be an answer to the question raised in Born To Run.... "I wanna know if love is real". Jersey Girl is the YES it is answer to that. I think that last vinyl side (BTR through to Jersey Girl) also was intended as a call back to side one (TR through to Sandy), with each song being a companion piece to the equivalent song on the other disc. So Jersey Girl is Sandy a few years later, the guy and girl in a more mature place. Having said all that, the box covered so much more ground than just a guy and a girl. It was also the E Street Band's journey writ large. As such, I personally think that Drift Away would've made a great final song.
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  14. i was kinda hoping for a banjo release because im broke this week so im glad its now next week
  15. auto correct is not my friend mad woman but bad worlds just as well
  16. So Hard To Share (John Mayall)
  17. Jesse has cancelled this Saturday's "Fine art of self distancing". Here's why God bless you Jesse.
  18. There were ZERO SHOTS fired in George Floyd’s death, but who’s counting
  19. It's almost like that performance of "The Angel" is a completely different song. Think I've listened to the studio recording of it once in full (and that was enough), but have gone out of my way to listen to that live performance several times.
  20. Mate you've said exactly what I try to in just about every show write-up. One of the very best things about these releases are how they allow us to give songs a second chance. I'm gonna be reviewing the Buffalo 2009 show next month and two of my favourites from that one are "Mary Queen of Arkansas" and "The Angel". I can't stress how much I disliked them before listening to that concert
  21. There were also full River shows in Oslo & Gothenburg . They were excellent - if that's any comfort ...
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