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  2. Great share thanks a lot!! (personally love "Racin in the Street" & "Point Blank")
  3. I kind of miss the old avatar... But hey, this one will do
  4. I knew when we were all telling you to go, you weren't going to handle that part very well. I got a bit choked up also. And then to ruin the moment, when we got out of the theater I had to explain the whole part to my wife.
  5. Wife and I seen it over the weekend. 3/4 full theater with about 4 kids in theater. I believe Disney may be on to something, as our children grew up with the film, so did we the parents. And looking at the people in the theater they most likely are correct. This was absolutely fantastic. You didn't think you were watching animation.
  6. I thought they might join in the joke by actually releasing it.
  7. Don't they have a category for Best Orchestrated California Pop Album? They seem to have one for everything else!
  8. The sound quality's not great...audience recording...and that opening sound is not on the LP... Damn, I used to have a great live video of him doing this...
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  10. Disappointed to read WS has dropped to 166 in Billboard top 200. I guess it is not a surprise, this record has received no airplay on my local stations. I would love to see it nominated for a Grammy, and have read in some places that it should. If so, what category?
  11. He has never been to South Africa. (I don't think he has ever been on the African continent, actually) He was due to play in Australia a few years ago and the tour was cancelled, I believe, due to poor ticket sales. I guess that puts paid to him ever venturing back to this hemisphere. Vast difference to when Bruce plays down under.
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