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  2. Out past the cornfields where the woods got heavy. Oh wait...
  3. Oh no. A house fire?? That’s horrifying. So sorry to hear this.
  4. Mustang Sally - Wilson Pickett
  5. im waiting for it to be $7.95 that's what my first copy of Darknrss cost
  6. im so sorry to hear that how awful hope no one was hurt
  7. (Get Off Your) High Horse Lady (Oasis)
  8. what's a completist ? its ok i worked it out me too
  9. Yesterday
  10. AMIW

    EPL transfer window

    Beeb list of players out of contract doesn't list those whose loans are at an end like Rondon, Higuain etc scroll all the way to the bottom and you'll see some of the players available from across Europe and obne name sure to send a shudder as will some one be daft enough to sign him Mario Balotelli
  11. I’d do with Sunshine. When you get home from school, you can say, “Hello Sunshine”.
  12. wow this is a scary thread i only popped in to say hello to you
  13. your always welcome i was so excitted to see you here you have been missed
  14. Your link is fine! Thank you for helping us out yet again.
  15. i heard there were better sources going around too for a while now I will check
  16. You know JJ.... Out of those the only one i would put in a setlist is Adam ..... but he had already so blew me away with "the light" that i really was ready for a "dark ride" and Murder was just out of control that night ( and then of course he gave J99, Caddy, I'm A Rocker and Loose Ends ) also when i read your post i had forgotten that those songs were all back to back !!!!
  17. I'm trying to get in touch for sure, but no PMs as you said. We shall see.
  18. No worries! The E Street Radio Version of Lonely Night is the widely circulated bootleg version that people have been playing around with for a decade or so. It has the very beginning cut off, usually faded in, the vocals are wonky and the mix is off overall. Not sure where they got. This is the version you'll find on any of the BTR outtake boots I've ever heard. The audio source via the YouTube user has the beginning, is clean and crisp with a great vocal track. Basically a studio master straight from the source. So the big question became: where did this guy get basically an uncirculated Master copy? On his YouTube, he claims it's a personal copy from an unnamed boot. And therein lies the mystery with untapped potential.
  19. The guy last posted a video 4 days ago. Maybe comment on that and ask him to look us up here at GL? Sounds like he might be an interesting part of the community. Just an idea.... You can't PM someone on YouTube anymore unfortunately.
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