Vol. I: It's Emotional

Greasy Lake, 2000, by: David J. Mieras
Where David introduces himself and talks about how it all started.
People all over the "World of Bruce" are familiar, almost in an intimate way with me. Not many know what I look like, or would recognize my true name. They even know about my long ago friend's in the same manner, but if a chance encounter happened face to face with any one of us, we'd be strangers visually. On the other hand, there are these other friend's who are like American royalty. A rendezvous on the street with these cats could create sheer bedlam. I've lived this anomaly and witnessed time and again, how just the evocation of their names can get you involved in fascinating situations. That "spirit in the night," rekindled, like the tour, is alive and well in my heart once more. We've decided to call this section UPSTAGE, and I dedicate these words to our departed spirits, Margaret and Tom Potter.<p>

Since I was a young boy in Neptune High School, a/k/a, Rock N' Roll High as portrayed in film by Nicholas Cage, I knew there would be a day. A day to open a new chapter about the outrageous lives lead down in Asbury Park, New Jersey in the Nineteen Sixties and Seventies. Vini, Southside, Ricky "D", Gary, Bobby and Donny, we all roamed those halls. However, the graduating rockers knew where their classes were held, and it wasn't Neptune High. In our night school, classes began at UPSTAGE, the real ROCK N' ROLL high school as coined by Ricky "D", while the rest of the students slept in the bedroom communities along the Jersey Shore! What was it that produced and influenced so many entertainment heavyweights, who shuffled down those boards? Medialand has wrote and re-wrote the story through every perceived angle, and there's always somebody publishing a book. I've never read one of those books, to avoid any false influence, but I want to someday.<p>

Today is the point in time I've looked forward too and dreamed about for the majority of my life. I planned ahead, way ahead by letting my best girlfriend's in Neptune High read a story once in a while, just a few days after an incident happened. I'd write about everyday events, when the culture for a number of us kids was extraordinary, in my mind. This was one happenin' scene downtown and I never wanted to forget how the hair on my body raised, from this charge goin' round. That common occurrence convinced me that we were lucky kids livin' our dreams. I've been patient, waiting for when the time felt right and an atmosphere developed to capture that "vibe" once more. The "vibe" I refer to was not only music oriented, it was Summer, Winter, Spring, and Fall, perfectly harmonized @ this spot on earth. These feelings and thoughts live on in the music, because we all know that spirit was lost, somewhere down in Asbury long ago.<p>

The Internet has opened up a new channel for my discovering what Jersey Shore music means to it's fans. When I think back, and see the visions and ghosts, then read a post of how someone halfway around the world decided to "live", after listening to a song rooted on the shore, I'm awe struck. I think of cold winter nights, entering shabby Asbury teen clubs along side a handful of friends. There was this kid who stood out from jump street and didn't act like anyone else I'd ever seen on stage, to this day. He'd just come downtown to our club on the corner of Cookman and Bond Avenues in the last few months of Nineteen Sixty Seven. I'd seen the cream of the rock trade come through the city at the Convention Hall, since Ray Charles began the Galaxy of Stars in Nineteen Sixty four. This boy playin' tonight could rock with the best of them. Clubs which were born and died within a few weeks is where I'd first introduce friends to my new found favorite musician. Clubs that if we didn't show, there'd be no audience. Our own private shows for a half dozen raggedy street urchins, that would evolve into a worldwide phenomenon. Yup, Bruce was and is a chain reaction waiting to happen.