Vol. III: The Lake

Greasy Lake, 2001, by: David J. Mieras
Where David reveals the location of the real Greasy Lake.
Whoa, where'd you get that stuff and did you roll that monster? No man, the Sarge copped it in Viet Nam. All these military cat's are bringin' it in by the plane load down McGuire Air Force Base! They come rolled in 100 mm size, sealed in plastic packs of ten. Fire it up brother and maybe Janey could use a head?<p>

So began another sultry September night in Asbury Park, New Jersey. About dusk, the hip kid's converged @ the corner of Cookman and Bond. That's what Tom called them when the press interviewed him the other day. The reporter was curious about what attracted those type of street kids. Most didn't drive so when Wild Billy or the Wolfman showed, it was almost certain they'd be cruisin'. The circuit was always happenin' a few blocks away along the ocean, or maybe an excursion was in order. Sunfish Pond on top of the mountain @ the Delaware Water Gap, Sandy Hook or Island Beach State Parks offered their kind of setting. They needed the seclusion to get loose and let it rip. Conformity was the norm on the shore in Nineteen Sixty Seven.<p>

UPSTAGE was the kid's club, a place where all felt comfortable. Since Margaret and Tom opened the Green Mermaid Cafe', tastes and attitudes changed. Sammy Bones the Merry-go-round operator @ the Palace was wondering what all the young boys were up to, cause he didn't see much of them late @ night anymore. They had better thing's to do now that all the rocker types had a forum for their music. The new third floor rock hall was the ultimate in cool!<p>

Janey, what are you talkin' about you crazy chick? She took another toke and started giggling. Her rose tinted granny glasses slide down her narrow nose as she tilted her head in response. Where's that boy who wears those bomber glasses in the dark, he's so cute? I know who you mean girl, I haven't seen him since he first strutted in a while back, Davy replied. Yeah Janey, he's a sharp dude and he plays lead. How'd you know that, Janey asked? Last year his band The Castiles played a gig up Middletown way, you know, @ a battle of the bands. Vini played that night with Sonny and the Starfires, it was far out! Man, the party afterwards was something I'll never forget, said Davy as he danced around the alley thinking back. His teacher John invited all the bands to the farm which backed up to the Garden State Parkway. I'd like to see him again and hear him play, Janey whispered. I saw you two talkin', he'll be back I know it, Davy predicted.<p>

Squealing tires prompted everyone to poke their heads out the alley and see what's up. It was Wild Billy negotiating his 55' MG around the corner @ twice the speed limit, then gliding up to the curb and jammin' on the brakes. Everyone ran over and jumped on the running boards, asking what Billy was doin' tonight? Who's here Billy asked, you seen Ricky ? No said Janey, but that cat Wolfman is pullin' his van in the spot behind you, look out! Hey Wolfman, crank up the eight track someone yelled. What ya want to hear, Hendrix, Cream? It was hard to believe you could pop that little plastic case into a machine and presto, mobile vibes. No more needles or scratched up albums, life was beautiful. Like clockwork, a crowd was forming and you never knew what lay in store.<p>

Janey, check out who's comin' up behind you. She spun around with the fringe on her suede jacket flying in all directions. Her long fiery red hair came to rest upon her face. It's him, and Janey cut tread, then planted a kiss on his lips. Damn good the shoe store wall was next to this reunion, or both would have bit the dust. Sure enough, he like's it here and Davy didn't blame him in the least.<p>

After a while, Janey ran over and asked if we wanted to take a ride? We can come back later and listen upstairs. I know this place where it's dark in the daytime. Tonight, the stars will shine like you've never seen before, she moaned. We can make music, don't worry. Okay Janey, but remember they'll be jammin'later on.<p>

<img border="0" src="images/greasylake1.jpg" width="396"><p>

It didn't take long to hit the road. They followed the railroad tracks south to the river basin, and picked up Rt. #35 in the same direction. Over the Rt. #70 County line bridge to the circle and west on Rt. #88. They didn't come much down this way, there was nothin' happenin' ever around here. Just like the tourists, the kids got out of town on an expedition. A ways up the road the group pulled into a drive. I know where we are exclaimed Davy. We picnic here when it gets unbearably hot during the summer. The sun don't shine through those trees. The three lakes are crystal clear and the deer eat out of your hands. Does anyone else know where we are, Davy asked? The rustic sign @ the entrance read, "Ocean County Park."<p>

img border="0" src="images/greasylake3.jpg" width="396" height="238"><p>

Wild Billy lead the way through the pine forests winding road. The pavement ended @ the eastern most section of the lake. A dirt path proceeded the pavement and was just wide enough for the two vehicles to continue ahead. Pulling into a small cleared area, the band off loaded along the sandy shoreline. The darkness was coal black underneath the soaring trees. The moon reflected off the lake and the wind blown pollen accumulated on the surface, creating a greasy effect.<p>

<img border="0" src="images/greasylake2.jpg" width="406" height="237"><p>

Davy was the first to enter the water, while Wolfman opened the rear doors to his fire engine red van. Custom speakers were mounted in the doors as Purple Haze rang out across the lake. Davy began moving to the beat in the knee deep water, while Janey and her mission man lay in the sand, out of sight in the blackness of the night. Wild Billy was wired and began heaving handfuls of mud @ Davy, thus a battle ensued. Davy was not amused to be covered from head to toe in muck. You suck Billy, how could you do this to me, that was a big stone that hit my head? Tears welled up in Davy's eyes as he climbed the lake bank and rested in the sand. The caked mud began drying so Davy removed his clothes and entered the lake. He rinsed off his body and garments, only to find Billy lobbing more of the same @ him. Davy was hurt and embarrassed. Finally Billy got the message to maintain and leave Davy alone. The weather was warm so attire dried quickly and all was soon forgotten, until a number of years later when their friend's first LP was released.