Bruce Springsteen

Washington Post, 1978-08-17, by: Harry Sumrall
At the heart of every great Rocker is an animal whose presence electrifies the air, whose unblinking eyes pierce the blackness of a darkened theater, whose growl sends the crowd to its feet in frenzied delight. The rock 'n' roll animal is living, breathing and seething in the person of Bruce Springsteen. Springsteen's appearance before a capacity crowd at the Capital Centre, Tuesday night was less a concert than an assault, Prowling across the stage like a tense, wiry, manic cat, he lurked for a moment in the shadows, hesitated, then pounced on the audience.

The thunderous chords of the classic "Summertime Blues" blasted across the hall and for the next three hours (not counting a 15-minute intermission) the Capital Centre rocked as it has never rocked before - and the crowd sprang to its feet for nearly every number. Springsteen and his six-piece group featured many of his most popular songs, such as "Jungleland," "Thunder Road" and "The Promised Land," as well as standards like "Sweet Little Sixteen" and a primal version of "Gloria" and "Not Fade Away." The old met the new in a rousing celebration. Some writers have said Bruce Springsteen is the Future of rock 'n' roll. Forget it. If rock 'n' roll can be timeless, then this guy is.



1978-08-15 Capital Centre, Landover, MD