1988-05-09, Met Center, Bloomington, MN

Tunnel of Love Express Tour
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Timmy wrote: I was at this show at the Met Center. I was 17 and my brother David bought us tickets for my graduation present. I skipped school and we took a bus down there from Duluth. Best concert I've ever been to, still.

Larsson wrote: I read in a Prince documentary by Per Nilsen and others ("The Vault") that Prince and Sheila E. guested on stage during "Glory Days" on 9 May 1988. Did Springsteen announce them and did they make any specific audible contribution that has been documented on audio tape?

I know that an audio recording exists, but can Prince and/or Sheila be heard or were they just present? (I find it odd that all online set lists actually ignore the fact (?) that Prince was there on stage with Bruce. What a rare pairing!)


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