1988-07-03, Olympic Stadium, Stockholm, Sweden

Tunnel of Love Express Tour
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Kenneth wrote: A truly magical night.Warm and sunny .The first half of the show was covered by radio worldwide so the first set was an astonishing 90 min.long.Including great versions of Roulette,Cover me and Born in the USA.The second set opened with Clarence showing of in a great Paridise by the see.From there on it just got better and better.The La Bamba horn section gave the band wider and fuller sound in this second set.The closing of the show was absolutely great with sweet soul music,raise your hand and Quarter to three.Twist and shout was some what obvius closer but it was a good one.When he had the horns with him it would`ve been nice to hear Higher and ?Higher but you can`t have it all.The show started at 6 pm and wasn`t finished until 10.45 pm. Close to the stadium lies a hospital during the evening they had to give the people in there earplugs because of the late show.


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