1988-07-10, Bramall Lane Stadium, Sheffield, England

Tunnel of Love Express Tour
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mark lancaster wrote: Adan defiantly raised a Cain,ought to play every night ,.if memory serves he played part man part monkey, awful. Other than that two cracking nights at 'Brummell lane.

Pete Grafton wrote: This was the first time I'd seen Bruce and the band and it will always be a special memory ( made even better by him playing in the home ground of my other passion, Sheffield United! )
From start to finish his performance was immaculate.I'll never forget the end of the show when the crowd was reaching exhaustion and Bruce was asking if they could take any more!

I've seen him play several times since then and he never lets you down but Bramall Lane back in '88 remains special because it was when I caught Springsteen fever and, thank you God, it's incurable!

dave whittaker wrote: my first bruce gig , awesome been a fan ever since hissongs lyrics and shows has been a memorable part of my life inthe past 25 years , such emotion ,joy , sadness , and everything that life throws at you can be summed up in a bruce gig , last seen him at leeds 13 close up ,keep rockin bruce till the end .its been a great ride ,


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