1988-07-14, St. Jakob Stadion, Basel, Switzerland

Tunnel of Love Express Tour
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cosmikkid@gmail.com wrote: After a long wait outside the stadium, the gates finally opened. I climb up the stairs, went down to the field, ran the whole length to the stage and held on my position.
I was too young and inexperienced at the time, but after more than 40 shows in the following twenty years, that still remains one of the best shows I ever seen in my life.
"Boom Boom", "Adam raised a Cain" and "Downbound train" are hard to forget. Clarence intro on "All that heaven will allow" was absolutely magical. The crowd was allowed to sing along and help the intro "Here she comes walking...". Bruce's vocals were powerful and the E Street was extremely tight. Bruce checked the first rows: "I see a lot of Italians" with a big grin on his face. The sun set behind the stage and "The river" got played. I remember an amazing sunset, Bruce's silhoutte hunching on the harmonica while the sun was firing on the horizon. "Roulette" gave me chills, Max drumming was insane. I felt blessed to eyewitness such a gem. The Miami Horns added so much musically and theatrically (You can look). I really miss them.
The Medley was red hot as usual....what a treat!
"Follow that dream" was played on request. At the end of the show my buddies and I went back to the train station with nothing else to ask, we just witnessed the best performer worldwide. My life was changed forever that night.

daniel faure wrote: I was at this show, we drove from Le Havre, France overnight, seeing all the fireworks away on the side of the road because it was the night of 14th of July, Bastille Day, then we slept in the car in the stadium parking lot until the gates opened.
I remember the Italian fans, way more intense than us French, the show was unbelievable, the last tour where you felt each show was a triathlon, following the BITUSA tour, it was my 3rd Bruce show after La Courneuve in 85 and Vincennes that same year, I was 24, Bruce has never been so wild since this tour, I feel lucky to have been able to witness these years.


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