1988-07-30, Weser Stadion, Bremen, West Germany

Tunnel of Love Express Tour
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Ricardo J. Colin wrote: My friend and I drove here from Ramstein AB. It had been a whole 18 days since we last saw The Boss in Munich. We new this was a once in a lifetime opportunity for us and we did it because it was crazy!

I think we were able to attend this show because it was a Saturday and we drove like 6 hours. We didn't have tickets and were hoping we could find some.

Found a scalper and went in as soon as they opened. We had alright seats on the middle section on the left. Pretty good seats, but we were not used to not being anywhere other than front row center.

Still enjoyed the show, but nothing like being in front of the boss for the whole show.

I believe the next chance to see the Boss would be at the Amnesty International Show in Paris Bercy.


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