1988-09-02, Wembley Stadium, London, England

Human Rights Now! Tour
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milly the kid wrote: he was just stunning that night
I started crying at the start of thunder road and he looked me dead in the eye for several seconds
What an evening

Martin J. Brewer wrote: This was a very cold day for the second day of September and, sad to say, the concert was a little disappointing. Bruce had already played Wembley earlier in the summer and treated the crowd to well over 3 hours of music. On this night he played about a 75 minute set because we had to sit through Youssou N'dour(we knew none of his songs), Tracy Chapman (she is not a stadium artist), Peter Gabriel (he mumbled his songs) and Sting (his ego was at an all-time high). By the time Bruce hit the stage we were ready to bust loose and rock. It was good to hear him open with "Born In The USA" again and thankfully he reverted to playing the original version of "Born To Run", not the acoustic version he'd played on the Tunnel of Love tour. Everybody joined Bruce on stage at the end for Dylan's "Chimes of Freedom" and Marley's "Get Up Stand Up". This could best be described as a glorious mess. If I'd known at the time that it would be another 11 years before Bruce would play with the E-Street Band then I would have savoured every moment of those all too brief 75 minutes. This was also the very last time I saw Bruce in England since I moved permanently to the States soon after. The Amnesty cause was noble - the concert was average.


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