1988-09-08, Stadio Comunale, Turin, Italy

Human Rights Now! Tour
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cosmikkid@gmail.com wrote: At the end of a hot September day, the expectations for what at the time was considered the best rock'n'roll machine on the planet were huge. The stadium was packed, probably 70,000. I remember being in first row, half covered with mud (organizers kept spraying the first rows with water). I'll never forget the sheer intensity of the performance. Bruce had a 15-song setlist and no intention to let you breath. It was one of finest examples of what the E Street Band was in the mid 80's. Bruce, in t-shirt and jeans, blasted through Born in the USA, The promised land, Cover me without intro, and Working on the highway. He performed The river with Sting and the Italian audience sang along nicely as usual.
Cadillac Ranch and War followed. He introduced "My hometown" speaking in Italian. He said something like "When I was a little kid rock'n'roll made me dream..dreams of life, dreams of love, dream of sex, but most of all dreams of freedom and these dreams brought me here tonight..." and then he lunched into My hometown and Thunder road. Because the night, the extended Glory days, Born to run and Raise your hand rocked the house. I was only 20 years old at the time and when he asked "Is anybody alive out there ?" I could barely talk, I was overwhelmed.I remember looking over my shoulder and watching thousand hands raised up in the sky. Very intense. Chimes of freedom and Get up stand up closed a solid show with all the performers on stage. Quite a special night. A young and talented Tracy Chapman impressed the crowd.


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