1992-08-18, The Palace, Detroit, MI

World Tour
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Paul Haider (Chicago) wrote: Obviously, many of you did not see any shows on this tour because Bruce was not touring with the E Street Band. Although, the '92-93 band could not even be compared with our E Streeter, Bruce was still quite capable of creating magic in the night; this show was fine example of it. As for bragging rights, some of you have requested a song from Bruce before a show and were lucky enough to hear Bruce perform it. Sometimes, he may he even mentioned your name while dedicating it. Although Bruce did not mention my name he did play both "Sandy" and "Follow That Dream" for me as I had requested these two songs from Bruce before the show. Before he played "Sandy", Bruce refered to me as "a young fella who was shouting this one out." For "Follow That Dream", Bruce looked for me in the crowd and when I stood up on my seat, he pointed at me and yelled," The man in the blue shirt right there!" Well, it was a great concert and not because of the two dedications. Bruce played ten encores and he was "on fire" that night. For one night, at least, I did not miss nor could I even remember the E Street Band. Remember folks, either you are a Springsteen fan through thick or thin, or otherwise you might as well just stay home and leave the good seats for the real fans.


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