1993-03-31, SECC, Glasgow, Scotland

World Tour
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John McGeachie wrote: Not my favourite Bruce show that I have been to mainly due to the SECC's terrible acoustics, and the fact that I could hardly see anything. He sounded good though, although I preferred his Wembley Arena show earlier in the tour.

Debbie Hunter wrote: I agree with John. I can't help thinking this gig might have put Bruce off Scotland. I know he played the Edinburgh Playhouse in 96 but he has never been back with a band since.

Dougie wrote: Great atmosphere, although as I'm vertically challenged I didn't see as much as I'd have liked (nothing new there then). Typically awful SECC sound. Lucky Town was recorded for transmission on Top of The Pops which seemed to amuse Bruce. House lights came on early which seemed to piss him off slightly.

Ant Tuson wrote: Great show, I was about 5 rows from the front (all standing). I never understand why the Human Touch/Lucky Town songs are so under-rated, I think they stand musically and lyrically with the best of his work, and way above Born in the USA, and The Rising (which I find repetetive and monotonous musically, and lacking inspiration lyrically, with a few exceptions)


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