1993-06-24, Brendan Byrne Arena, East Rutherford, NJ

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Tom Cantillon wrote: Unbelievable show from start to finish! One of the most energetic, unique and passionate shows I've ever seen Bruce do.
Loved the opening of Ain't got no Home, Seeds, Adam and Hard Land--he had the complete attention of everyone from the start.
The material covered from both HT and LT made the album versions pale in comparison to the live performances.
Better Days flat out rocked, as did Lucky Town, an extended Roll of the Dice,and blistering versions of Souls of the Departed, Living Proof and Human Touch! These three are definite highlights of the tour and some of Bruce's best writing in a long time.
Born in the USA, Because the Night,Light of Day, Settle for Love and Glory Days rocked hard and had everyone up.
Nice surprise with Little Steven, Clarence and the invaluable Southside making appearances and adding to an already legendary show. The encores were fantastic, leaving me, and many others, wishing the show never ended.

Jim wrote: This was quite frankly one of the best shows I recall even to date. It was a one time deal to raise money for the food banks and it was right on the tail of the "Human Touch / Lucky Town tour.

Bruce had not played with the E street band for quite a while and toward the end everyone from Little Steven, to Clarence to Joe Ely and Southside Johnny came up on stage.

I have seen every tour since the River and this particular show stands in my memory as probably the best. The excitment when everyone came out toward the end was astounding.


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