1996-03-13, The Cirkus, Stockholm, Sweden

The Ghost of Tom Joad Tour
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Joe Roberts wrote: Night of my life.

Sat on first row, seat 11 or something, just in front of Bruce and had been upgraded by the famous "man in black". A great show, remember that Bruce was closing his eyes for most of the songs (or was he just looking at the lyrics in the monitor on the floor?). Not an extraordinary setlist, but a fantastic audience and the setting made it fantastic.

After the show, he shook my hand fist of all saying "Thanks man" and he also came out after the show to have a talk with some of us who were in front of the stage hoping he would show up. Remember him asking if I liked the show and the only thing I was capable of answering as a "ehhh.. yea". That night I did not wash my hand.

Thanks Bruce!
Umberto Flauto
Long time fan.

Why I don't remeber my exact seat? I wanted to make the ticket immortal by using a burning plastic machine, and of course I managed to burn it all away and the data dissapeared...


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