1996-12-12, Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN

The Ghost of Tom Joad Tour
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David Turner wrote: I was able to attend this magic show in 1996. It was the last of the Tom Joad Tour shows I was able to see. I had been to Atlanta in Jan96 and Birmingham Dec96 also. Those were great as well but didn't hold a candle to this one. Patti and Soozie were among his guests on stage. I was able to see Jon Landau and Terry Magovern before and after the show hanging around the stage. Bruce was really on this night. He was loose and was able to really appreciate where he was playing and the history from this venue. Emmylou Harris and Mary-Chapin Carpenter were amongst guests in the crowd. I was able to meet and shake hands with Mary-Chapin following the show. She is a huge fan of Bruce's and was thrilled to get to see him here as well. The show itself was, I believe, the 3rd or 4th longest of this particular tour. The only shows that turned out to be as long or longer were the benefit shows in Asbury Park and in Freehold. And anyone who knows music, knows Bruce gives Jersey shows they will never ever forget. Well, I am able to say here that he did Nashville a favor that night as well. 25 songs and getting to hear Racing in the Street(dedicated to Emmylou), Shut out the light, When you're alone..These were only played a hand full of times in the previous shows from this tour. I know that there were many many fans disappointed in this tour because Bruce didn't play all of the fav's, but on this night, he was something special. I loved every moment from this tour and would love to see Bruce hit the stage in this manner again.


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