1999-04-26, Hallenstadion, Zurich, Switzerland

Reunion Tour
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Matt Peacock wrote: I arrived very early at the stadium because I was so hot for this show. I catched a good place on the right side of the stage. Appr. half an hour before the show the people went so crazy that the stadium speaker has to cool them down while saying "The Bruce Springsteen concert will start in half an hour". I never heard that before in Switzerland. Incredible! Then the lights went out and they kicked off with "My love" followed by "Badlands". For me a dream came through. I almost cried. I never thought that I can hear this song live with the E Street band. I hoped for "Rendezvous", but nope. The new arrangement of "Youngstown" almost blew me away. While "Tenth Av." they played a Swiss Folk Classic. The Audidence went wild and sung along. "Where the bands are" was not a big surprise but still catchy. Jungleland was the next highlight. And "Hungry Heart" was a great crowd-pleaser. After a "Let's continue!" from Bruce "Bobby Jean" and "Born to run" made me emotinally weak. It was so great. But unfortunately too soon it was over. But it was a really cool show. They definitely rocked the house in Switzerland. Hope you come back soon guys!


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