1999-05-21, Earls Court, London, England

Reunion Tour
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Jeremy Parkinson wrote: My second E St Band Show. A stand out for the fact that Bruce played Meeting before Jungleland, he hadn't played meeting for nearly 20 years!!... awesome show...

Paul Watson wrote: Second show in 4 nights, and probably overall my favourite Springsteen show to date.

Again the band were strong, if not perfect, and the atmosphere seemed good throughout the venue for the whole show.

MAtR was a great surprise and was well recieved; I saw many audience members as visibly shocked and pleased as myself when we recognised the opening notes.

Tenth Avenue and Light of Day were both drawn-out, with some "rap" during them. LoD faired better maybe, but then I have never been a big Tenth Avenue fan.

The tactic of bringing up the houslights for Born To Run was a mistake - the largely middle-aged, middle-class London audience didn't look so hot, or so eager, when exposed. But the song still had its usual effect!

And so to the finale - its seems harsh to say it was my favourite bit of the show, being the end, but on a second hearing (after the show of a few nights previous) Land of Hope & Dreams really did the business. It sounded like it had always been "a live classic" and always would be. Not the geratest song Bruce has written by any strech, but as a live song an absolute corker. And Bruce seemed clearly very into it, too, perhaps realising that this new number was a great success.


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