1999-05-23, Earls Court, London, England

Reunion Tour
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Bossman66 (Mark De Souza) wrote: My first show, what can I say?

I missed my 1st chance to see the band in '84. I wasn't that taken with 'Tunnel Of Love' on record (as a youngster at the time), so skipped them again. I wasn't even aware of the 'other band' tour although I bought them both on release day & I thought the chance to see the legendary E Street Band had gone before I even found out about the reunion tour.

I went to this one show with a friend from work on the basis that I'd go see R.E.M. with him a month later also at Earl's Court

It changed my appreciation of live music forever!

My first ever live Bruce song - 'Working On The Highway' a lightweight introduction perhaps but still a moment I'll remember always.

Other highlights, 'Where The Bands Are', 'Sherry Darling' with it's dedication to the guy holding a request on a blanket from the hotel window that had been following Bruce around, Jungleland (which I loved) during which I had to sit down as I'd been having a few dizzy spells at the time & felt a bit funny during it, then 'Light Of Day' (which I didn't know at all) & finally the final encore, Thunder Road, If I Should Fall Behind & Land of Hope & Dreams. The crowd intro to Thunder Road was the best I've ever heard. I had a tear in my eye (as I'm sure from the screens Bruce did too)& that was it, I was converted. The arrangement of If I Should Fall Behind (with the band members taking their lines) was almost miraculous to me transcending it from a simple love song to an ode to Friendship. Then a rousing (& long) Land of Hope & Dreams with it's rededication of 'the Band' (another new song to me of course)sent everyone home happy.

I didn't get the show on cd (mp3's) for at least 3 years (didn't even know you could), but even now (when I have the audio from all 'my'shows, if I go back to any of them it's this one & Thunder Road.

Brilliant memories & I determined I would see them again whenever I got the chance.



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