1973-03-29, Kutztown College, Kutztown, PA

Greetings From Asbury Park Tour
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john gerber wrote: This show was at Kutztown College, a small college in Kutztown PA. It took place in the gym, a typical small school gym with a basketball court and stands on both sides. The stage, maybe 6' off the floor, was set up in one end, with folding wooden chairs set up in rows facing the stage.
As far as I knew at the time, Bruce was not very popular yet. I had picked up on his Asbury Park album early, and was hooked right away. I tried to spread the word to my friends, family, and college buds that they had to get this album. Then I heard Bruce was coming to Kutztown, which was less than an hour from my college in Bethlehem. I got a few friends to go along to see him in person.

So we get there, and the gym was full. Maybe more peops know about this guy than I thought. We sit in our wood chairs toward the back, waiting. Then out he comes, looking kinda scruffy, young, along with the rest of the guys. He starts up, everybody stands and cheers, and off he goes. I can't remember what he started with, but nobody sat down. Then next thing you know, we are standing up on the chairs, like everybody else. And my best memory was that I don't think we ever sat down for the rest of the show! I kept thinking as the show went on that nobody is sitting down, we're all still standing up on the chairs, just captivated by what we are hearing and seeing. Bruce was just so into it. I wish I could remember the songs and stuff, but I do remember songs from the album, and the other rock oldies he'd play. And it was a long show, full of unbelievable energy. When it was over, everybody knew we had just seen something that was original, indescribable, and passion like nobody else.

That was over thirty years ago... amazing. I still manage to get to a show now and then. Even today, it's fun to talk to other people you meet along the way, and if Bruce comes up in conversation, it seems everybody has stories of seeing him "in the old days" before he made it big. And as you would expect, we're all still big Bruce fans today.

My next Bruce show was April 1974 at another small college. Check 4-20-74 for some comments.


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