1999-09-20, First Union Center, Philadelphia, PA

Reunion Tour
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Alan C wrote: First trip to the States (with Badlands). 200 fans staying in Tom's River NJ had travelled to Philly only to have their intended first show cancelled by Hurricane Floyd. We had been to Asbury Park before this show and to have him play "Something in the night" was as if it was just for us, a real hair standing up on the back of the neck moment. Only criticism if you can call it that was the surprise as some of the American fans exit the arena when the slower songs are played to get a beer! I suppose if you have seen the man a lot of times you don't need to listen to it all but ....... fantastic show as always though.

Cal wrote: Saw this show with brother and buddies from college. I was exhausted by "something in the night"! How does he do it?!?!?!?


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