1999-09-24, First Union Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA

Reunion Tour
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Kevin McDevitt wrote: Someone started a topic on another site about "Best Moments", and it made me think of:

September 24th, 1999.

The day after his 50th Birthday, his first show as a Fiftysomething.

This was a make-up show. Oddly, six show were booked for Philly in September of '99...five in the new FU Center, and one at the old Spectrum...I guess for old times sake, as there were so many great shows there.

They postponed the original show (9/16/99?) at the Spectrum; it was literally rained out as a hurricane (Floyd?) decided to take I-95 home that day.

So...Bruce comes out....the place is already juiced for a Birthday Party on a Friday Night....and he's carrying this cheap little Boom-Box. He announces that "someone sent this to my mother yesterday, and it about says it all". He holds the microphone to the box, and next we hear an old lady singing a song called "The Big-50"...about three verses...it was hysterical...and then we heard the opening chords to Growing Up...and it was on from there, leading into what many feel was the best show of the Reunion Tour.

That was a moment.

John wrote: I walked 14 blocks through Center City Philadelphia during Hurricane Floyd to buy tickets from a freind of a friend for this show. The show was cancelled and rescheduled at The old Spectrum! Bruce's B-day was the day before. He started the show holding a boom box with phone message of someone singing Happy B-Day. Greatest moment: My fiance and I dancing to The Fever. Never though I would hear that live. Thanks Bruce


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