1999-09-25, First Union Center, Philadelphia, PA

Reunion Tour
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Anthony Bisti wrote: My first Bruce show. The night before, I was listening to the second album and dreaming he'd do "Incident." Then, in the parking lot, I heard the song coming from a tailgater's car. Again I thought how cool it would be to hear the song. And though, as I later learned, Bruce hadn't done the song since 1981, wouldn't you know it: he did it that night. Not only that, but he OPENED with it. When Bruce started the number, no one seemed to recognize it. But as he sung the first syllable of the "Spanish," there was an enormous cheer. The closing repetitions of "Good night, it's alright..." brought a tremendous audience singalong. Because of those "good night" lyrics, I never pictured this song as an opener, but it worked great. (Bruce, interestingly, had opened with the song in Philly before, at the Main Point in February of 1975.)
The rest of the show lived up to that great opening. Awesome versions of all the reunion tour staples, plus rarities like "Point Blank," "Sherry Darling," and "New York City Seranade." Some nice local flavour thrown in with "Atlantic City" (another great singalong on the closing repetitions of "Meet me tonight in...") and "Streets of Philadelphia," which was fittingly preceded by the Boss's endorsement of a local Philly charity. But it was the encores that truly took the show into the stratosphere. "Jungleland," "BTR," and "Thunder Road," right in a row, plus lovely versions of "Fall Behind" and the then-brand new "LOHAD." Finally, there was the surprise ending of "Raise Your Hand," an audible. Again, the first Bruce show I ever saw, and since it more than lived up to his legend, I was determined it wouldn't be the last.


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