1999-11-19, Marine Midland, Buffalo, NY

Reunion Tour
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Joni wrote: This was an unbelievable concert. I drove down from Toronto with a friend who had never been to a Springsteen concert before. We made sure we got into town early enough to get some wings at a favourite bar and then get to the arena well before the show started. Our seats (which I had purchased through a broker) were described as 'side stage' but they were very close to being just in front of the stage, although well up in a top level. We were at the end of the row which we thought was great until we realized how often people who drink beer after beer have to get out to the bathroom (a waste of a concert ticket to me).

The show was crazy from the beginning and I wanted to cry just because I was there. Patti wasn't there and I was disappointed by that as I do like her singing and the duets that she and Bruce do. "If I Should Fall Behind" was unbelievable. Awesome.

The band was hot, hot, hot and just got better as the night went on. My friend was mightily impressed, as was I even though I had seen him several times before.

There were only two drawbacks to the whole trip - the first being the guy who drank too much and kept hollering for BITUSA AFTER it had already been played - guess he didn't recognize it in it's accoustic version which I found wonderfully ethereal and poignant.

The other problem was that I decided to cross back into Canada in Buffalo when I should have driven up to Niagara Falls to cross. I believe that most of the concert crowd must have come from Ontario and they were all going home the same way I was!

But going home very, very happy.


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