1999-11-21, Pepsi Arena, Albany, NY

Reunion Tour
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Matthew wrote: I was at this show with my mom who had wrote in several days before to Bruce to let him know it was my b-day. He acknowledged receipt of the message by wishing me a happy birthday right before he performed the last song. Many thanks Bruce, this certainly is a "land of hope and dreams."

Marty wrote: Bruce and the boys were probably looking forward to the week off following this show and mailed this one in. Too bad because I had hyped a friend of mine who was attending his first Springsteen show. After telling him he was in for a magical evening we both left the show very disappointed. No passion or glory on this night. Springsteen and company looked like tired 50 year old Rock n' Rollers, Bruce even had a hard time jumping on Roy's piano during Tenth Avenue Freeze Out. The upside is I have seen many more shows since this one and Bruce and the boys once again recaptured the glory with awe-inspiring performances.


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