2000-04-08, Kiel Arena, St. Louis, MO

Reunion Tour
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Martin J. Brewer wrote: I flew from Boston to St. Louis to see this gig and it was well worth it. I saw Mark McGuire hit his first homer of the season in the afternoon and Bruce produced the goods at night. Any show which includes "Darlington County", "Rendezvous" and "Ramrod" is bound to rock and this did. Bruce played 5 songs from the "Born To Run" album proving that he really was revelling in his illustrious past.

Jake Fredel wrote: This was the first rock concert I ever saw. My dad took me to the show when I was five years old, which was a pretty incredible experience for a young kid (incredible at any age!). I got to see the E Street Band with Clarence and Danny one more time - three years later at Miller Park, at the end of The Rising Tour. Some of the best experiences of my childhood.


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