1973-04-18, Christian Brothers Academy, Lincroft, NJ

Greetings From Asbury Park Tour
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Steve wrote: Three things I remember about this show.. First was hearing him be introduced as "Columbia recording artist Bruce Springsteen" Second was the way he led into blinded by the light saying "This is the single off our album which has already flopped" And third , he did what he called a high school fade out, where he and the band actually faded the end of a song live. It was funny and also Very well done. He did have his entire band there with him and I belive Tinker did the sound. It was a fun night!

Mouse wrote: I went to the concert with friends also from freehold, we paid 5bucks I think for tickets. Sat on the floor of the gym that was covered so we didn't mess it up. Spoke to Bruce after concert and recalled different people from Freehold and St. Rose. Found out my cousin went out with Bruce's sister, also spoke with his friend "Empty" Emmons.

rob wrote: Was a sophmore at CBA when Bruce performed there. I remember Carlos Santanas niece or cousin (female) performed before Bruce did. I seem to remember Bruce performed on piano and i think he was solo but i am not sure. Mouse (i am also from freehold)... do you remember?


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