2002-07-30, Convention Hall, Asbury Park, NJ

The Rising Tour
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Rehearsal show that takes place in the afternoon following a live appearance on the Today Show during which Bruce and the band performed four songs live on TV: "The Rising", "Lonesome Day", "Glory Days", and "Into the Fire".

Even before that Bruce had come out alone with an acoustic guitar and performed "Does This Bus Stop on 82nd Street" and "For You" for a small crowd.

For the Today Show thousands of people gather on the beach. A couple of thousands of them are allowed inside the Convention Hall for the afternoon's long rehearsal show.

"Cover Me" is played for the first time since 1992 and for the first time since 1988 with The E Street Band.

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Joe wrote: The real deal went down last night in Asbury Park. Ther was a surprise second show that not many knew about that started about 6pm. The band rocked for 3 hours covering most of the new album, which was great. Marys Place is a real crowd getter, Rising is intense live and waiting on a Sunny day kicked ass. Overall a fantastic show, Cover me, Born in the USA, Darkness, LOHAD , Born to run Thunder road and others. Asbury park was a happening place yesterday. About a thousand or more people rockin and dancinbg on the beach last night for 3 hours . Bruce acknowledged all the people rockin on the beach and board walk that waited around in the 99 degree heat for several hours to try and get in , then dedicated thrunder road to the people that keep the Spirit ALive !!! That would be us !!!The band even came outside on the veranda and waved an thanked us..


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