2002-08-02, Convention Hall, Asbury Park, NJ

The Rising Tour
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"Jackson Cage" is performed for the first time since Sept. 2, 1981.

"Badlands" and "Backstreets" make their first appearances on the tour (which hasn't even officially started yet).

Eyewitness accounts

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Charlie Guido wrote: Wow! Just got in from Asbury... what a day!

When we heard about the last minute rehearsal this morning...we jumped. Grabbed our beach stuff (chairs, cooler & umbrella) and hit the parkway south.

Rolled into Asbury about 12:30...hundreds of people were already lined up, so it wasn't looking too good. Anyway, we figured what the heck-we can't lose- just make it a beach day of it if we don't get in.

Sure enough, the line went nowhere fast. All of a sudden we start hearing The Rising cranked. I was amazed how clean it sounded for being outside. (this great mix from open doors and windows??) We decided to give up on the line (wise choice- no one got in from where we were standing) and hit the beach.

I paid for 2 beach passes (3 bucks each) and set up camp. Still couldn't believe how good it sounded. Turns out as I walked a little closer I could see that speaker cabinets were set up for everyone on the beach!

Now we're talking.

Yep, I was one happy camper. Beach chair, umbrella, lotion, drinks, water, sand, blue skies and Bruce. Sounding awesome- full of energy! (better than the other night, when they wilted with the extreme heat)

The tunes start rolling...

Jackson Cage!
Not to mention all the great new stuff!

All I can say was this was the perfect beach day. I mean, I kept thinking we were listening to a bootleg- I had to keep reminding myself that it was "live" not memorex. (sorry- old reference, but you get my drift) Just very cool to have sand in my toes and "live" Bruce in my ears at the same time. Anyway, we enjoyed the whole show AND great encores...

Ramrod had fifty people dancing in the sand!

After Land of Hope & Dreams (with People Get Ready at the end) Bruce thanked everyone including "the folks outside." (something like that) He also said the Convention Hall was "HOT but had SOUL"

Then, at one point, everyone started chanting "We want Bruce...We want Bruce!" and out he came for a Kodak moment. I snapped off about seven shots nice and close...very cool. Miami Steve also came out for a few pics.

I finished off the afternoon with a 6:00 swim. Baptized in the waters of Asbury!

Resuscitated Reinvigorated Re-energized...

Whatever that light of day rap was...

what a day!


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