2002-08-05, Continental Airlines Arena, East Rutherford, NJ

The Rising Tour
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Bruce, allegedly not satisfied with the previous week's rehearsal shows, set up another one at the arena where the tour is going to kick off.

Eyewitness accounts

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Leonard Russo wrote: I was working in my office when my partner says his sister-in-law has tickets for this show. We are on the floor of the arena and all the usual suspects that I see only when Bruce is in town are there. It is just like Bruce himself made up the characters. Washington Leo, Chiro Chris, Joe from Brooklyn, Asbury Andy from Philly and a host of other crazies. The show started of with 5 new songs among the first 7 and Bruce stops in amazement to applaud the crowd because we are all singing along with all the new songs. He is genuinely pleased to hear us word for word banging out the songs with him. Waitin' was song 8 and he was very disturbed and started the song over with a little message to the to pick it up. Promised land was so tight and that was enough for me if I wasn't so greedy when it comes to Bruce live. Two Hearts, Badlands and Mary's Place set the room of about 2000 people on fire. Very tight and rocking. It brought me back to August 1984 in this same Continental( then the Brendan Byrne Arena and me my 1st of many shows) Arena and the same feeling came across me as every Bruce show. The anticipation among the regulars was exciting that evening and we all try to guess what was next. American Skin was a great treat although I thing October at Shea was better and then Into the Fire which just brought the house down. Born to Run was alittle flat as I recall but Ramrod was a smoker. City of Ruins Born and LoHaD was nice ending to a great live, intimate and gutsy performance from a very self proclaimed nervous Bruce. The next evening was just as delightful. But how I pine for those "GLory Days of the 80"s and 90"s when Bruce was still 29 to 30 songsd strong and he still had a great story to tell.


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