2002-08-10, MCI Arena, Washington, DC

The Rising Tour
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Approximately 2 hours, 25 minutes.

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Philly Clete wrote: One word came to mind after witnessing this show in Washington, DC - magnificent! There was no comparison between the Meadowlands opening night show and this one. The intensity level was through the roof. This crowd was awesome, and Bruce even acknowledged that they (we) were a "terrific crowd". The only setlist change was that "Bobby Jean" replaced "Two Hearts" (neither of those two are my favorites, but BJ was a real hit). Just as on opening night, Bruce seemed impressed that the crowd was able to jump right in with "Waiting on A Sunny Day" and "Mary's Place". A real highlight for me was "Missing You", which he performs right after "Empty Sky" (his "keep quiet" twosome). That is one powerful song with a great arrangement. I was seated way up in the rafters, but the sound was fine. Bruce seemed to be having some real voice trouble at various points in the show (I believe that he skipped the primal wail in the middle of BITUSA). The encores were really rocking, and the crowd showed the proper appreciation in return. This show was a real keeper in all respects.


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