2002-09-22, Pepsi Arena, Denver, CO

The Rising Tour
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Appr. 2 hours, 40 minutes.

"I'm a Rocker" is played for the first time since March 21, 1985.

"The Ties That Bind", "Candy's Room" and "Racing in the Street" are tour premieres.

Eyewitness accounts

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Mike Rowe wrote: This was to be my E-Streeet day come true, and it was all coming together perfectly.

It started 2 years ago when I interviewed a band member for my little Public radio show deep in the mountains. It was a great moment that you file away in your "memory palace" and then assume is gone. Well, about 2 months ago, i received a email offering me tickets to the show (I couldn't believe he remembered, but thats what makes these guys great).

Anyway, here's a secret about the Pepsi Center. If you eat at the restaurant before the show and need to use the bathroom, you will find out that you can end up about 50 feet behind the stage and listen to the soundcheck! (Killer versions of Ties and Stand On It)!

When I get to "will call", it turns out that not only are the seats 15 feet from the stage, 4 rows up!, they come with backstage passes! We chatted with Nils for a bit before the show, which was a real thrill.
As for the show itself, it blew me away.

The Rising and Lonesome Day blew the roof off right from the beginning. The song selection was amazing, with some great rarities worked in- Ties, Candy's Room, Racing in the Street, and I'm a Rocker in the encores. But the heart and soul of this show are the songs from The Rising. Everyone in the crowd new the words and sometimes were so loud it was hard to hear Bruce!

The show stopper was the sequence of Empty sky. Your Missing (with an incredible solo by Danny) and then Waiting On a Sunny Day. Absolutley stunning to go from total sorrow to total elation in 10 minutes, but that's Bruce.

As for the encores, the more rocky version of Dancing beats the 1984 rendition. Bruce is finally getting to have fun with it, as opposed to playing it because it's a hit. He was bouncing all over the stage! Then he talked briefly about needing to pay attention to what's happening with our civil rights, the upcoming war with Iraq and how these things relate to being Born In The USA.

The show ended with another classic, reved up Ramrod, and LOHD. By then, the crowd was bouncing off the rafters!

Really, I can't say enough about the show or the truly special way I was treated. If you read this(....), thanks so much for the tickets and a memory for a lifetime!!!!!!

Roger wrote: I wasn't really sure what to expect on this show, other than the Boss would somehow take us through the Rising. But how much old stuff would we get? How much could he work in and still keep the show true to the new album? Well, I can only say he did a great job. He took us through sorrow, hope and promise. After opening with the Rising and Lonesome Day he brought everyone back together with the Ties that Bind. Then the Fuse followed by a very emotional rendition of Candy's Room. Next came the heartbreaking tunes of Empty Sky and Missing, but then we were brought back up with Waitin for a Sunny Day and Promised Land. A real surprise for me was hearing Worlds Apart, a great song but one that I thought might be left out because of production issues with the chants. From there we were brought to our feet several times, and at other times we had to reflect. For me the biggest moment of the night was Mary's Place, where Bruce seemed truly emotional when he sang of a friend lost.

The Band was tight and the violin a welcome addition. Big Man as always is the heart of this Band with Bruce being the soul.

Only problem I had with the show was some early sound quality problems that seemed to disappear after the second song as the techies did their job.

Nancy wrote: Best concert experience of my life.Waited in line for the pit ,spent all afternoon talking to people from all over the world .Awesome show ,awesome people ,danced and shouted thru the whole dang thing and remember it like yesterday .Bruce was There ,right there ,he looked at all in the pit and knew what we had been thru to get in and up close .The whole thing came together right before my birthday and the crowd had birthday signs for Bruce .We fed off his energy and he fed off ours .Awesome ,once in a lifetime .


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