2002-10-07, HSBC Arena, Buffalo, NY

The Rising Tour
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Appr. 2 hours, 45 minutes

"You Can Look", "Tougher Than the Rest", and "Lost in the Flood" are tour premieres. "Lost in the Flood" is Bruce solo on piano. The first time since 1978 the song has been done this way.

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Tom wrote: Since no real afficiandos have filed a detailed, informed report, I'll offer that it was very good show before an appreciative, enthusiastic crowd. I sat in the upper deck with a friend who said he thought it was a better show than the November '99 Buffalo show in which he and I were in the 12th row center. It was certainly as good a show from my point of view and I think part of that is because of his belief in his new music. The Rising songs all sounded great live, and more people were familiar with the album than I had expected. The Bruce-on-piano version of Lost in the Flood was a treat, as was Tougher than the Rest, and a great finish with Working on a Highway. The acoustic Born in the USA during the Reunion Tour was a favorite of mine, but I'm very partial to the electric version in this show. Something about the vocal reminds me of the acoustic version. It's just a different color than the old electric version and is a fresh approach. I didn't see anyone walking out during Land of Hope and Dreams or during Highway, which I had seen happen on the Reunion Tour more than once, although a friend told me afterward that he heard two people in a bar who had left because Bruce hadn't played enough old songs. (Yeah, just like I heard someone at a Joad show complaining that that wasn't a rock show.) I also thought the sound in this show was better than the four Reunion shows I saw, and Bruce was in excellent voice. Another friend of mine at the show, who hadn't seen him since the River tour, almost didn't go because of the price and because he thought the Rising songs would make it a somewhat subdued show. He quickly realized it was going to be a great show. "Bruce never disappoints," I said, and he nodded enthusiastically.

"Scooter007" wrote: The day started out at 3 in the morning, after breakfast and a few stops we got to the arena around 6am, i was suprised to find out that there were already 71 people in front of me, but 72 got me second row, rite in between clarence and nils. The GA line was ran pretty well, dispite a few problems from arena security everything seemed fine.

We finally got inside around 630 ish and we secured our spots on the floor, made friends with a few people around us so that when we left the floor to go wonder we would be able to get our spots back...at my guess bruce came on around 830 or so and it was about time, it made those last 13 hours outside in the cold and wind well worth it. He seemed very energetic, much to the crowds delight and he really rocked out the rising and lonesome day, we got darkness in the third spot which was great even though i was anticipating prove it.

the show slowed down for a few after that with your missing and empty sky. it was really touching to see how much these songs mean to all of them, clarence couldt hold back the tears throughout your missing. the show picked up rite after that with waitin on a sunny day, i do like that song on the cd but WOW, what a tune to hear live, it was definetly one of the highlights of the nigth. after that we got the tour premiers of you can look but you better not touch and tougher than the rest, it was very nice suprises. no surrender followed and he cuntinued to rock through the set.....

the first encore started with dancing...i love the full band rock version of it, durring the song he came over to our side and and rite before the "hey baby" part he comented on my girfriends shirt (it said jersey girl) and when he poited at her they were so close i thought he was gonna pull a cortney cox, i would have had a heartattack. that was so cool because i have bever had good eye contact at a show with anyone in the band before this show, we got a wink from nils and throughout the whole show we kept goofing around with clarence, and of course the bruce molment..ill never forget that. ramrod was awesome and born to run blew the top off the hsbc arena, it was soo loud in there. the second encore started with my city, i love that song and you cold se how much bruce believes in it...my arms were in the air for so long throughout that song i thought my hands were gonna go dead. lohad came along and i that meant we were going to be wrapping it up, i love that song as a closer, its definetly one of my favorite. i dont know it was planeed but they scrambled around and bust out the guitars for one more, workin on the wighway...he said since this was the last one on that states for a while we were gonna get one more..hey this is buffalo we deserve it...if we have to have to suffer through disapointing sports teams why not a have the best rock....concerts and that was what bruce gave us..i was so happy for my friends with me who were seeing him for the first time live..they are truly hooked now. i dont know how he can play with that amount of energy nigth after nigth but we truly all blessed to be a part of it... i was exhausted after the show..i dont know he does but i hope it never stops..thanks bruce for another wonderful nigth.

Dana wrote: For what it is worth.... Here is my take on last night, and forgive me for the comparison to the Detroit show. A HUGE THANKS TO MIRIAM AND TAMMY who made it all possible!!!

The Rising - Nice surprise to see Patti is now doing the (a dream of life) echos where in Detroit, Bruce was trying to get it all in. Love this song as the opener.
Lonesome Day - From my perspective, I saw this as a tight sounding song. Nils was electrifying
Darkness - Still sends tingles by down my spine but I know I was greatly anticipating what he was going to play here and I admit to feeling a little disappointed.
Further On Up the Road - This made up for what I was looking for in Darkness. I was really anticipating this one live and I wasn't disappointed. Great guitar work! I was sitting rear stage, and it was after this song that Bruce lost the jacket.
Empty Sky - loved the reference to the flub in Philly, he tapped his head and nodded that he was in total control tonight! I did find it to still be quite noisy - which people could resist the urge to yell out and/or whistle
Your Missing - As much as I loved the SNL version, I truly enjoyed Soozie on this one.
Waiting On a Sunny Day - I really enjoyed the gradual build up... The playing with the crowd (lucky fans in front of Clarence where he dropped to his knees) and the band. Saw him soak his knees, and knew that a slide was in order. He didn't disappoint as he slide from in front of Patti to centre stage where Clarence was waiting. In a word - FUN!!!
You Can Look But You'd Better Not Touch - Awesome! Steve and Bruce really seemed to enjoyed going back and forth on this one! As an aside after the concert 96.9 was broadcasting a replay of the Buffalo concert - or so they said.... The dead giveaway was the version they played of this song contain "went Christmas shopping, down at the mall, started looking, that was all"
No Surrender - like the mix of the band and then down to an acoustic section of just Bruce and his words
Worlds Apart - Soozie, Soozie, Soozie
Badlands - Everything and more!
She's The One - I may be wrong here... But I thought I detected a flub on words in this one... "Because french cream won't soften them boots And french kisses will not break that heart of stone" Anyone else agree? I thought he missed the french kiss line entirely.....
Mary's Place - Best house party in Buffalo that I could find!
Counting On A Miracle - not bad but a nice sprig of feedback part way thru made me cringe a little
Tougher Than the Rest - This just made me smile! What a wonderful surprise - made me sooo thankful that I made the trip to Buffalo
Lost In The Flood - in a word 'AWESOME', I am really enjoying the piano playing!!!!!!!!!!!
Into The Fire - scorching... Patti's harmonizing was on fire
Dancing in the Dark - the other one that I was anticipating as I had hoped from reading the posts to see it live. Definitely having way too much fun with this one. Great facial expression.
Ramrod - It's BOSS TIME
Born To Run - WAY BETTER IN BUFFALO, sorry Detroit - this crowd ROCKED
My City in Ruins - "with these hands".... Could so easily become "with these fans" - do you not think he had us doing what he wanted?
Born In the USA - Blistering as usual
Land of Hopes and Dreams - I didn't want to hear the beginning of this - knowing that the end was near.....
Working on the Highway - Too much fun - wish we could have gotten more from him. Loved the washboard scrubbing Clarence! Danny with the accordian....
It was a great night - counting the weeks till TORONTO now..... After 2 rear stage views of the concert - I can't wait to see it from the pit!


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