2002-11-16, Coliseum, Greensboro, NC

The Rising Tour
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Appr. 2 hours, 40 minutes

"Cadillac Ranch" is a tour premiere.

During "Waitin' on a Sunny Day" Bruce falls from the platform behind the stage resulting in a bruise on his arm, but it's no worse than he can continue the show.

Eyewitness accounts

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"G-Man" wrote: In '81, G-Boro was my first-ever Bruce show. My second-ever Bruce show was in G-Boro four years later, probably my all-time favorite show. And now, 17 years later, and a bunch of shows inbetween, at 43 years old, I returned last night to the scene of the crime (for my first Rising Tour show, too).

Nothing Short of Amazing: What can I say except that Bruce has found a way to turn back the clock (or at least slow down Father Time). I'm stating the obvious: Great show & great crowd. I think that Bruce and the band were genuinely impressed with the crowd, too. We North Carolinians know how to rock!!!

Section 127 (side stage) was a great seat. I cannot believe how fit Bruce is. 53 years old for goodness sakes. Are you kidding me? What's his secret? Does he wear something underneath his pants to cover his knees? Those two knee slides have to hurt. I would break my knee-caps if I tried that!

Heart-stopping moment: The fall. It was pretty nasty. I didn't realize that he had cut his arm until my friends in the pit told me after the show that he was bleeding. He did keep shaking his hand throughout the show. After the fall, I did hold my breath whenever Bruce climbed on top of the piano, when he jumped down, and when he ran around the stage. But, it didn't seem to faze him one bit.

Most disgusting moment: This guy behind me barfed (which I didn't realize until the end of the show). I did smell something pretty nasty a couple of times (I couldn't figure out what it was). After the show, however, I'm sitting in my seat utterly exhausted when the coliseum people told me that I had to leave. I reach down for my jacket underneath my seat and it has puke all over it. It was an old jacket, so I decided to just leave it at the coliseum. Thank goodness I had my new tour T-shirt and hat in a plastic bag. That got covered, too. Why would people drink themselve into that state at a Bruce show?

Most disbelieving moment: The guy sitting beside me to my left asked me during Mary's Place what album the song was from. I just had to shake my head and laugh.

Set highlights: I love the Rising songs, so I loved the set. I'm glad that we got Promised Land because I love his harmonica playing. Also, Cadillac Ranch was a real treat ("only for Greensboro"). Suzie took over much of Clarence's sax solo at the end and then the two of them traded licks. I thought it sounded great.

Bobby Jean was an audible. I thought C's solo at the end sounded great, too (contrary to reports from the Re-Union Tour on this song). He held his notes rather well. She's the One rocked. Wow!

Most touching moment: During Mary's Place. The part after Bruce introduces the band when he sings "I miss you. I really miss you." in that high falsetto voice and he's bent over and grabbing the mike stand. For some reason, that just broke my heart.

Most rocking moment: The new rocking Dancing is tremendous. Throw in Glory Days and BTR and what a treat for a first encore. The place went wild.

What time it it? "BOSSTIME!!" (I'm glad that Bruce has embraced that he's The Boss!!). Ramrod was the perfect way to cap off the show. The way that Bruce holds on to the mike stand like he 's driving a car and all the false endings, leaving the stage while Roy's jamming, sneaking back on stage with flashlights, his and Steve's and C's mugging. What great SHOWMANSHIP.

Virgin Bruce attendees' reactions: My two college friends both made it into the pit. They said that if they were going to see Bruce, they were going to go all out. They arrived at 7:30 the day of the show. Afterwards, they both said that it was well worth it. They couldn't believe how he kept on playing. They would look at each other and say, not another song?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!

Afterwards, their first words to me was that had to be the greatest show of the tour, and then it dawned on them that he does this every night out. They couldn't believe it. They said that Bruce is such a showman. It's not just the songs but also the movements, the facial reactions, the mugging, the camaraderie between the band members. That's what really impressed them. And, of course, the energy.

"Brucefan" wrote: Was at the show in Greensboro Sat night. I was sitting in section 107 right next to the Big Man. Seeing Bruce fall off the ramp looked very scary at the moment. He fell face first but broke his fall with his left arm. The crazy thing was that after it happened it seemed to energize him. I have seen a few other shows on this tour and he was definitly more active after this mishap. He was sliding across the stage on his knees, putting both feet up on the microphone stand and hanging backwards....etc. It was scary for a second but then turned into a great show. Tour premier of Cadillac.....a great version of Incident and Ramrod.......52 years old..........unbelievable. Bruce, nobody even comes close.

Thanks for a great night.

Jenny wrote: My Dad became a pretty big Bruce fan when my Mom was pregnant with me and he says that?s why I too am a fan too. So, it was the most amazing experience for me to go to the Greensboro show on my 21st birthday with my Dad. It was the first show for both of us and the Boss rocked!!! We both left feeling as though we had just been through a religious experience. I am so amazed with the whole band- their stamina is incredible and everyone?s personality showed through. Every song was just awesome, but I think ?Land of Hope and Dreams? was my favorite. Can?t think of a better way to have spent my 21st birthday!


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