2002-11-23, American Airlines Arena, Miami, FL

The Rising Tour
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Appr. 2 hours, 45 minutes

"Out in the Street", "Because the Night", "So Young and in Love", and "If I Should Fall Behind" are tour premieres.

Bono and Dave Stewart joins Bruce on "Because the Night". Dion joins Bruce on "If I Should Fall Behind"

Eyewitness accounts

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Steve B. wrote: It's 7AM on a Sunday morning and I should be sleeping- but I can't. What I was privileged to witness last night will not get out of my mind. I've seen Bruce 5 times and this is by the far the best he's been. Where do we start? Well I was a bit concerned because my ticket was facing the back corner of the stage. However when my friend and I arrived, we were pleasantly surprised to find were only 10! rows back. OK enough about me- on with the show. What a setlist! The Rising songs sounded great live. This concert had many surprises! When Bruce introduced Bono and Dave Stewart I almost fell over the row in front of me. Then they launched into an absolute blistering version of "Because the Night". I won't list all of the songs he did because you can read that in the setlist area, but I can only remark about the feelings I had in being a part of this astounding experience. The version of "Dancing in the Dark" absolutly rocked! I hope he releases it on a future CD. When can you say that you saw not one, but two legendary singers appear at a concert! Dion? Are you serious? He's older that Bruce and his voice still sounded great. I felt like I was listening to some old friends singing on the street corner. At the risk of sounding pretentious, I remarked to my friend that we will always remember this concert for the rest of our lives. In my 36 years of being around there has never been anyone who can perform like Bruce Springsteen. Thanks for reading.

Darren Cooksey wrote: After the aewsome show in Orlando it was hard to figure how he could top that, but when you travel all the way from England to catch three shows you enjoy every minute you can! This time around I was seated on the side of the arena, middle-ish, high up in the nosebleeds. As the time neared the 2015 time it was a bit worrying to see the floor two thirds empty and lots of empty seats, but as the concert began it soon filled up to a near full-house. Bruce walked on and greeted us with "Good evenin' Miami!" and sang 'The Rising' and 'Lonesome Day'. Next up was 'The Promised Land', a nice early slot for this number, which is great because you know that somethin' special will follow Sunny Day later on! He followed this with 'The Fuse' and 'Candy's Room' which were great but marred by poor sound in the arena. You could hear background voices over the speakers and it was a little off-putting. It was like being in a multiplex cinema watching a quiet movie and all you can hear is explosions and bullets from the screen next door. A major sound cock-up, but thankfully it didn't last too long.

After the trilogy of Rising songs finished with the audience participation of 'Sunny Day', Bruce said "This is for Doug!" and for the first time on the tour he pulled out 'Out In The Street', identical to the Re-union tour version. A powerful run through of 'Worlds Apart, Badlands and She's The One got the place rocking, and the following 'Mary's Place got every one off their asses.

This tour has been full of surprises, but imagine our surprise when you consider what happen next! On came the extra microphone stand and Bruce introduced 'Dave Stewert' and some one else. I thought he said Bono, but couldn't be sure. On strolled Dave Stewert with guitar in hand, and sure enough on came Mr U2 himself...Bono. The place errupted. Roy begain the opening intro to 'Because The Night' and the roar was deafening. Bono sang the first two versus with Bruce singing another. Dave belted out the guitar salvo and the song ended with some nice improvised raps from Bono, a great version of this song. Bruce then climbed to his piano and acknowledged a sign behind the stage which read FOR YOU FOR MY BIRTHDAY! He dedicated the song to the fan at the end he wished her happy birthday, a nice touch and a green flag to anyone wishing to hear a particular song. The superb Into The Fire rounded off the first set.

The encores were anticipated greatly as every one expected to see Bono again, but more surprises were in store! So Young And In Love, from Tracks and a Wild and The Innocent out-take opened up, with Bruce urging everyone to scream at the appropriate point in the later stages of the song. Glory Days followed with a middle portion were Bruce explained how Miami Steve got his name. Yet another guest, Dion, came out to sing a teleprompter read 'If I Should Fall behind', same as the '99 version but with Bruce and Dion trading lines. Clarence walked over in the darkness with his Sax to try to get a solo but Bruce waved him off! A rousing Born To Run, My City Of Ruins, Born In the USA and Land Of Hope and Dreams closed out the show, but sure enough as in Orlando the re-juvenated Dancing In The Dark closed out the show. Fantastic follow up to Orlando!!

"MadamMarie" wrote: WOW!! I've seen Bruce and the band 13 times and Miami was the second greatest show I've seen.

From the opening chords of The Rising,Bruce and the band were tight and on and remained that way all night! Candy's Room, Out in the Street, She's the One, SO YOUNG AND IN LOVE!!! Rockin!

Bruce and Bono! Was I dreaming? Because the Night was just about perfect. Dion and Bruce took If I Should Fall Behind (one of my favorite songs ever, to a new level. It was just beautiful! The first timer I took (my 69 years young Mom) loved it also and was finally able to realize what her daughter was all about all these years!

Bravo Bruce and fellow E Streeters. In my opinion there is no other rock and roll band today, alive or dead, that can match the musicianship of this band. Thanks Bruce!

Morten T. wrote: The show was supposed to have started at 7:30 pm, but due to 'a wreck on the highway', i suppose they decided to delay it an hour, which was ok, as we knew what was coming. It was only my 2nd Bruce concert and was really looking forward to comparing it with the one we saw in Paris some 2 years ago.

It started out with 'The Rising' which is such a great song, and the crowd seemed to enjoy it quite a bit. After 'a Lonesome Day', we got 'treated' with 'The Promised Land' which reminded me of the live-version on the 'live 1975/1985'. Already there you knew this was going to be something special.

Bruce then knew that he had us in the palm of his hands and announced that he needed some silence during the next few songs. It's amazing that one man can make 20,000 people 'shut up' for a certain period of time. What we then were experincing was something quite unique, as the crowd was completely quiet during 'the fuse', and it seemed like the audience lost the 'steam' a bit, but then came

'Mary's Place' which i never really enjoyed on the cd, but live it's such a happy song, and it really got this 'house party' (as Bruce called it) started. The arena was rocking and jumping, and the party certainly started.

After a mixture of new and old songs, came a huge surprise. Dave Steward and Bono were introduced and that got everybody toally wild. 'Because the night' was performed so beautifully by Bruce and bono, and it seemed like everybody were singing as loud as they could. Two great voices at the same time made this song probably one of the best of the evening. It was performed with such power and passion. By the way, it was amazing to see how 'small' bono was next to the boss.

I can of course keep going on and on about each song performed, which i will not do, but can all in all say that this show was absolutely perfect. In the weeks before the show i was hoping for certain songs to be played, and have to say that i was not disappointed, however had hoped to have heard either 'thunder road' or 'racing in the streets', but guess we can't have everything !!

At the end of the show it seemed like bruce was only getting started and fired up. He was running like crazy around the stage and sliding on his knees, which is exactly what we came to see. Have to add that everybody in the band looked great and it really appeared that they were having a great time together. The newest addition to the band, Ms. Soozie did really great, and her violin added something quite unique.

On the way home from the American airlines arena, we passed by about 20 homeless people fighting for

Cover and blankets - quite a sad and 'scray' sight, keeping in mind that we just left the arena singing 'land of hopes and dreams'......

Thanks, Bruce (and the rest of the band) for an experience which will be remembered for life.


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