2003-03-07, Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, NJ

The Rising Tour
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Appr. 2 hours, 45 minutes.
"Jersey Girl"is a tour premiere and? is Bruce solo piano.
"Tell Me Why" is the old Beatles tune. This is the first time Bruce covers a Lennon/McCartney composition with the E Street Band in public.
"Roll of the Dice" is a tour premiere.

Eyewitness accounts

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John W. Brenner III wrote: I was in the pit as a guest of Bruce's Bodyguards along with 19 other AC Firefighters and their families. I went down before the show along with the AC Fire Chief,Ben Brenner,and BC Chief Vince Granese of NJ Task Force 1 Urban Search And Rescue. BC Granese spent 10 days at Ground Zero with his NJ Team searching for survivors at the WTC site. We gave Bruce a plaque thanking him for The Rising and what it has meant to FF's everywhere,We also had shirts,jackets,patches.pins, etc. depicting the Atlantic City Fire Dept. for his band,bodyguard's,and children. Bruce dedicated Into The Fire to 'His Friend's Of The Atlantic City Fire Dept" We were very moved by this! A fantastic show right in our backyard. We've heard he will be back early fall.We are looking forward to another great show on the AC Boardwalk. Put your makeup on and fix your hair up pretty, meet me tonight in Atlantic City. Thank You, Capt. John Brenner III , Atlantic City Fire. Dept.

Michael Lomas wrote: It's been over a month now but I still know that I will never forget that night. My girlfriend and I actually arrived the day before to stake out a spot in the pit. After several Springsteen shows with seats, it was our first time on the floor so we figured we'd go for broke and see if we could get up front. We ended up in the middle of the pit for one of the all time great Springsteen concerts. No doubt that it was in part due to the unique setting of boardwalk hall but that incredible set list had alot to do with it as well. "Jersey Girl", "Does This Bus Stop....?", "Hard to Be a Saint", "Glory Days", "Roll of the Dice", and a great cover of the Beattles' "Tell Me Why" as Springsteen said "it was old school that night and the band seemed to be loving it.

The "Miss America" theme song led the band on stage and Little Steven struted up as if he were on the cat walk in front of the judges. The entire band looked extremely excited to be doing their first show in Atlantic City. You couldn't ask for a better beginning with "Atlantic City" to start. So much energy in the crowd and on stage.

One of the many highlights for me was the "Jersey Girl" solo on the piano by Bruce. The entire crowd joined along and Springsteen had a wide smile on his face as we all sang that line about "Dropping your brat off at your Mom's".

I had been saying all week that in addition to "Atlantic City", "Roll of the Dice" would be perfect with the band, and to the best of my knowledge Bruce had never done it live with The E Street Band before. When Bruce said "This is for all you high rollers out there" right away I was the idiot jumping up and down in the pit. I guess I just love that song.

Prior to that "Dancing in the Dark" featured a "Little Courtney Cox Wannabe" , the little girl, maybe 4 or 5 came up on stage and danced around with the Boss. He gave her a high five after wards and you knew her parents must have been on the high of a lifetime.

The whole experience was incredible. From waiting on the freezing cold boardwalk for the pit check in times Thursday night and Friday to the confused line up precedure as we entered the arena Friday night. Even the quirks seemed to make it special. So many Bruce fans lined up on the boards talking Bruce, singing bruce, it was so awesome. I can remember Friday in the early afternoon, in the hall, as we lined up for pit position, a girl, she must have be 3 years old singing the words to "Mary's Place". She seemed to know the song by heart, Good Parenting!!!

It can't be said enough, What a great night. We stayed the weekend in A,C., gathering up newspapers highlighting the E Street Band. There was something special down the shore that night!!

Tom Cantillon wrote: Very impressive and full of surprises! Although not fully unexpected, Bruce did open with a very powerful rendition of Atlantic City and passionate The Rising. One of the many highlights was actually when Springsteen took a moment to discuss the line "I want an eye for an eye" from Empty Sky. He stated that it was in no way a call for revenge or war-like violence because the world is already plagued with enough violence and too little peace. Amen to that. The Rising collection in no way advocates war--and that very brief, intimate moment in which Bruce directed his thoughts to the audience really just added to the entire experience and is indicative of what Mr. Springsteen and his music have always been about. Other highlights were a manic, intensely-played Saint in the City, where Bruce kept urging Roy to extend that end jam--amazing to have witnessed. For me, Worlds Apart is always a highlight--just love that song and its lyrics. Jersey Girl on the piano was beautiful and The Beatle's Tell me Why was a pleasant, sing-along surprise. Wish he'd bring back Ramrod, She's the One and Backstreets, but even without those, the show was, as always, no less than what one would come to expect of Springsteen and the E street Band--amazing!

Bill Noke wrote: Bruce was as loose as he's been at his Holiday Shows in Asbury. Actually expected a louder sing-a-long from the crowd at the end of "Jersey Girl" -- Bruce turned the mike to the audience, looking for the crowd to carry it. The band entering to a Bert Parks overdub of "There she is, Miss America!" was hysterical! Clarence milked it, acting like he strolling down the runway! This show had it all -- the topical power of "Empty Sky", the nostalgia of "Saint In The City", the beauty of "Jersey Girl", and the fun of "Roll Of The Dice". In Bruce's words: "We're gonna have a Jersey Houseparty tonight!" Awesome.


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