2003-03-10, Dunkin Donuts Center, Providence, RI

The Rising Tour
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Appr. 2 hours, 40 minutes.

"Spirit in the Night" is played with the full band for the first time on the tour.

"Bobby Jean" is dedicated to the Station nightclub fire on February 20 in West Warwick, RI.

Patti Scialfa is absent due to illness.

Eyewitness accounts

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Dave T. wrote: I remember the show and how Bruce is very detailed in how he starts his shows. This was the day after the US invaided Iraq. He started the show ith WAR. My sister-in-law (a neo-springsteen fan and republican) was upset and called him unpatriotic. Bruce was in a playful mood and climbed the microphone during "spirit" also a wild rendition of "Ramrod". My sister-in-law was forever banned from discussing Bruce in my presence and I religated her to listening to Bon Jovi.

"Genetic" wrote: nteresting story for everybody. A couple of months ago (not sure exactly) tix for this show went on sale. The booths set to open at 10 AM, me and my cousin both diehards went to the Dunk at about 11 o clock the night before. We were about the 20th people in line, and I was a little upset about this. After a while I realized that the people in front of us had absolutely no clue who they were waiting for. These people were trashy, scum of the earth cousin loving street hounds, working for some run of the mill king shit businessman ticket scalper. It made me completely sick. Much to my delight however, the first person in line was a loyal Bruce fan. He had gotten there at 4 PM. Anyway, the next morning they opened the doors, and in order to rid out the scalpers from getting the best seats, they did a "lottery". My cousin and I ended up being number 17, 18, or something like that, but our buddy at the front of the line was moved way back to 100 something. The scalepers still got all the GA seats, and me, my cousin, and my buddy all were forced to get "Best Available". Fortunately for us, the seats werent so bad.

I hate Scalpers.

Anyway, the show, GA or not, was worth the wait and then some. Bruce was very very loose compared to the other shows I had seen him in. Making joking notions towards "X-Rated Movies" and being a "Sex-Machine in his dreams." My girlfriend found that very intriguing. He exhibited very silly, very excited behavior, probably because Patti wasn't there to tie him up. One of the top 3 Bruce shows I've ever seen. The intimate crowd at the Dunk was great...Band could have been just a little louder.

I dressed up like Rising Bruce for the show, in tight black jeans, a button shirt and a sharp vest and blazer. This is very unusual for an 18 yr. old kid, but I have pretty much adopted it as my all the time attire.

Spirit in the Night felt almost completely out of nowhere, and Clarence was as stellar as I've ever heard him. Thunder Road, which i missed at the last show, was also uniquely sung, and had a soft federici organ giving it an almost "Rising" sort of feel. Night hit the spot early in the show...Ramrod however, brought down the house for me, with an extended Bittan piano solo, which has to sound like Heaven, or something better.

Tom Cantillon wrote: An impressive show from start to finish! Of the 14 Rising Tour shows I've seen, this was one of the best. Bruce opened with a thundering version of War and kept on rocking hard with Night and Candy's Room. I had forgotten how great The Fuse is live--and Spirit in the Night was a sensually delivered version that drove the crowd wild. Should I Fall Behind was a beautiful, piano version which led into a passionate Into the Fire with everyone standing and singing along. Nice to see Ramrod back, the song works much better than Glory Days. Bruce and the band delivered one of the most intense versions of Born in USA i've ever seen them play and My City of Ruins simply keeps getting better. Bruce and band rocked extremely hard this night and kept the crowd on their feet for the duration of the show. It would be nice to see some rare additions such as: Racing in the Street, The Price you Pay, Reason to Believe,

Living Proof and i think Drive all Night would work beautifully within the structure of his setlist. Maybe down the road.


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