2003-04-09, Arco Arena, Sacramento, CA

The Rising Tour
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Appr. 2 hours, 45 minutes.

"Born in the USA" is done solo acoustic.

Eyewitness accounts

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Rocco wrote: The Rising and Lonesome Day -- awesome as usual, great mix from NO SURRENDER and in between the two -- the band is tight and hot right now. Only sorta down spot came with The Fuse - I would have preferred to see them blast into Prove It All Night or do Darkness here, but hey what can ya do. Bruce makes The Fuse pretty intense. Bruce then says that it is nice to be in Sacramento, says Good Evenin' to Sac and those in the Central Valley, says it is nice to be back home! NOTE: not much crowd interplay thru the first part of the show -- but that changes after he asks for quiet and does Empty Sky/You're Missing. I will say it again - Patty is AMAZING on Empty Sky. During You're Missing, I always well up and I did see Clarence crying like crazy. We have talked on here about whether it is an act or not. I say, "NO WAY!" I was mere feet from the guy and it looks real - if it is an act, I have no respect for the man-- I highly doubt that is the case. He must have lost someone special or something. Heck, the song itself is just really emotional no matter your situation.

Next was Waitin' and at this point, the crowd was gettin pretty motivated after showing signs of things to come during Who'll Stop The Rain, NO SURRENDER, Rising and Lonesome Day. The sing-a-long was solid. Bruce pushedus big time, we delivered, he was impressed. I still love Soozie on that violin for all songs, but especially this one. Next, I saw the harmonica so I knew what was coming and was very happy about it -- PROMISED LAND and what a nice job he did on it. Heaps of passion, man!! After the song, he gave his harmonica to a young kid of 10 or so who was up real close in the pit. Next was World's Apart and I will say that I used to think it slowed the show down - NOT ANYMORE!!! Another reason why you had to be there. Bruce's guitar solo in this one was FUCKING AMAZING. He went ape shit on the guitar. It was like he thought that they were never gonna let him play again. It was amazing, so rocking, so screaching that it is beyond description. The best part is that he followed it up with a great BADLANDS - lots of crowd interplay - and more amazing guitar action. She's The One was next and it is really not one of my favorites, but again like in Worlds Aprart, he delivered with an incredible display on the harmonica to end the song -- shows how talented this guy is and how much stamina he has -- from Waitin rigth thru this point, he was beating the shit out of himself physically, it was insane!! So he goes into Mary's Place and is going bezerk again.

I will add some notes in here cuz it is apporiate. Not sure where for all of them, but he brought back some Reunion Tour lingo last night. I think he is trying to slant the shows now to more house party, less somber 9/11 feel, ya know. He did "Is Anybody Alive Out There?" at some point, sorry, I forget where. He screamed out "Sacramento" I think at some stage a la LINYC and "New York City!!!" And in Mary's Place, the band intros were long and hot !! He let the crowd partially intro Max -- the "late night tellyvision" part !!! and the best was when he introduced Patti (WHO WAS LOOKING VERY HOT LAST NIGHT, brown suede jacket, black pants, mmm). He broke into "Rescue Me" and then started dancing around Patti like he was having a seizure or something for what seemed like forever. She was clearly embarassed, but having fun. He was, as I think the band has spoke of before, acting like a maniac, and he said that she acts like she does not like it now, but "it works all the time at home!" Very funny. So, he is going nuts during Mary's Place -- and does he second slide across the stage after splashing water on his legs -- and I think he hurt himself a bit -- must have been a groin strain or something.

Because at the end of Mary's Place, he goes to Nils and I think he tells him to play Countin' early and go long on his gutair intro or both cuz Bruce was stretching and grimacing while Nils was playing. Countin' rocked and the crowd was singing it well, which was nice. Bruce was okay and after Countin', here we go, after the first key on the piano, I knew it was time for JUNGLELAND!!! Need I say more, wonerful version. Next up: a riveting Into The Fire with more great stuff from Patty on the intro and throughout. And they leave the stage.

Encore #1

At this point, I was concerned we were not gonna get Thunder Road, but here they come and Bruce has a harmonica in hand. Is it gonna be This Hard Land?? Nope, thankfully it is Thunder Road sung with more than the usual passion -- at this point, he was floored by the crowd's energy, I think. Next, an incredibly long and rockin' version of Ramrod (they left the stage, except for Roy who kept playing, and came back out from the side during the song, AMAZING, ya had to be there!) followed by a HIGH energy BTR. After it, as they were saying goodbye at the edge of the stage, Bruce turned to Steven, smiled and said something, and I could read Steven's lips as he said to Bruce, "Yeah, That WAS Good!" I think they were all really happy with the energy from both sides. Ya know, we were "in concert with the band!"

Encore #2

He hits the piano, thanks us for comin' out, and says what "a fabulous audience" we have been, thanks for the food bank and does MCOR for the food bank people. MCOR was solid, but if I could see anything drop from the encores this might be it. Give me The River or London Calling, whatever.

Next, he hits the mic as LOHAD starts and says "we're gonna do this one as a prayer for peace, and a prayer for the safety of our sons and daughters and the Iraqi civilians - this is The Land of Hope and Dreams!" Great stuff, it rocked, and the "People Geeeeeet Ready" CODA was awesome. gkid8 and I like it alot !!! So after a LOOOOOONG Ramrod and a LOOOOOONG LOHAD, I think they were seriously gonna end the show. Well the crowd went fuckin ape shit. The place got about ten times louder than at any other point of the show (so that is LOUD) and people were screaming "one more, Bruce, please!" and "two more!!" I was yelling "three more!!!" So, he plays a little game with us, looking at Clarence and using body language and facial expressions to say "no, they don't deserve it" although he knew full well we did. So, he gives in and kicks of DITD with great pogoing and the usual and fantastic facial contortions and the like through the lyrics. This song went on forever and as it was ending the crowd went wild again, soooo Bruce basically said, what the hell, this crowd is fucking amazing, quite a surprise (total paraphrase there) and he tore into Darlington County. He got a cowboy hat, good stuff. BUT, this is another ya had to be there thing. The song lasted forever, and he had us singing along on the "sh la la, la la la" part. He made the band stop and we did that part alone. Lots of crowd interplay and they all lined up and waved their asses at us at one point -- Patti's ass is sweet, man!! Bruce's ain't bad either!!

Three hours in the books and they leave to thundering applause and appreciation. The kid who got the harmonica from Bruce ended up getting Max's drumsticks - given to him personally by Max.

Anyway, I may have more to say later, but the show was one for the ages. Was more than I expected, and I expected ALOT as you all well know. I walked out of there thinking what I always think after a Bruce show. So many thoughts and emotions -- but the main ones, what an amazing performer Bruce is and I always reflect on exactly why and how he and his music make me feel the way that they do. I mean I cry, I laugh, I get chills, my heart pounds at double speed -- it is something else. I really feel like I am one with Bruce, the fans, and all that is good (or righteous!). It is truly a religous experience for me, a guy who is not very religous in the traditional sense. It is something that I am just happy to be fortunate enough to experience. I am happy that it is part of my life. Bruce's music and lyrics have taken me thru life -- good, bad, and in between -- so it was really special.

Jack Tayson wrote: I flew up from San Diego because even though Bruce wrote about San Diego in some famous song you might know he has not come since the acoustic show in I think 93. Anyway what can you say he is still and will always be the Boss. Just as Clarence will always be the Big Man or the King of the Universe! Perfect sound and a fresh band , you could tell! Outside of the Arco it was as mellow as I have ever seen! And when Bruce asked for silence, as Usual everyone obeyed the what he said! To me it is Spiritual, and the only place to be is on the floor in the middle of the crowd dancing your butt off and feeling the vibe of of the entire Audience. I could see alot of grey on his beard and his hair. But he still rocks like the first time I saw him in 78. If their was ever a need to clone someone, then we all know Bruceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee would be the one!Hopefully He'll live to be 110 and then that whould assure we see him again and again.

Peggy Hannan wrote: Drove up to SF grabbed a friend that's never seen em and headed east. She says she can die happy now she's seen them all, Elvis, Tom Jones, Morrison. I was hoping they would've played WAR since we were surrounded by politicians. Band was well rested from Australia. Sounded GREAT!


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